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I want Trump to explain what if anything he sees was wrong with the response to the Chinese Death plague, and I would like him to publicly express a mea culpa on anything he put into motion, but as far as supporting Trump that is not something I need.

They, It whatever is the progenitor of the 'plandemic' aspects of all things covid bamboozled most of the world and I have to believe also had an effect on DJT's thinking about how his personal responsibilities and decisions needed to reflect what he had plausible reasons, in some contexts, to view as true and keep an overall gestalt of operating on an extreme 'err on the side of caution' stance.

There are multiple examples of him trying to do an end run on the things he thought went against " the Science", ie, his attitude toward masking, promotion of drugs and treatments that looked promising besides a 'vaccine'.

If "Warp Speed" protocols and execution were centered on a different paradigm/scheme other than an 'ending the pandemic' matrix ,  say if those efforts were turned toward other actual existential threats to the nation  like human trafficking, fentanyl poisoning  and the State Dept's rush into international conflicts they should have been applauded. Even though those things may not be commensurate perhaps one can see what I am saying.

Scott Adams was right to say Trump would rip a hole in the fabric of our collective perception of reality. There is more tearing and rendering to be done and DJT is still the GOAT, in that regard.

He got suckered along with so so many , but I do not believe his actions were motivated by anything other than just trying to the right thing. The 'system' is way way bigger than one person , But DJT has shown he is right kind of person to do as much of the right things as he can come hell or high water !

In a strictly partisan frame( one I'm not committed to), pushing back at the Democrats and the thing that highjacked their party is not going to come from RINOs or even centrist Republicans, whoever goes against them is in for even more of shit storm, DJT can take it and wants to take it. Even if Desantis was MAGA( and I think at core he very may well be) this cycle is not the one for him, actually one of the things that gives me misgivings about his overall character is the energy he puts into 'progressing' his political career, a governorship isn't all that ?

Until DC is a different place I'd rather have leaders of proven character as opposed to people whose character is derived from being a 'successful' career politician.

DJT 2024!! (45+2.0= 47!)


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1 minute ago, tmj said:

I want Trump to explain what if anything he sees was wrong with the response to the Chinese Death plague, and I would like him to publicly express a mea culpa on anything he put into motion...


Trump already did that several times.

I recall the last time he did it was on his interview with Tucker.

He said you have to go back to when the bioweapon was spreading. Nobody knew what was going on back then. So they did what they thought best at the time.

People who bash Trump pretend he knew then what we all know now and did it anyway for, er... reasons that vary... :) .

On the other hand, Trump said he never supported mandates and never will.

He also wants an investigation into all of this and has promised one as soon as he takes office again.

He is reductant to demonize vaccines in general, though.


In my view, he got rolled by the Administrative State. I'm not sure even Obama knew how deep Fauci's roots went into the bureaucracy and collusion with Big Pharma.

Hell, people don't like to say it but several bioweapons labs with Fauci's fingerprints all over them were operating in Ukraine until the Russian invasion. Just follow the money.


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In my humble opinion, the following is not trivial, although it appears to be.


Wilmington, Massachusetts – A local Massachusetts politician had a huge meltdown on Tuesday after being accused of a conflict of interest by a COVID vaccine skeptic.

I found the video outside of the article. It's only one minute.


Shocking moment Massachusetts town councilor Lillia Maselli screams 'Go f**k yourself!' at anti-vaxxer and storms out after he accused her of conflict of interest at public meeting • Massachusetts town councilor Lillia Maselli was seen on video scre…


As the Establishment's grifts and crimes get exposed and the whole thing goes unraveling, those who have benefited from this massive crime see their power evaporating, their prestige going into the toilet, and the possibility of penalties, maybe even prison, looming.

So some are already starting to melt down for real in normal proceedings.


For this case, I want you to look at that video clip, then look at the icky amount of spin about it in the Daily Mail article below (being mainstream media owned by the Predator Class). In the article, the polite man was a rabid raving conspiracy theorist and the Karen politician who was having a bad day was polite until the last moment when she got overwhelmed. He devil loon, she angel goodsoul.


A Massachusetts town councilor has been seen on video screaming at an anti-vaxxer and storming out of the board meeting after being accused of a conflict of interest.  



Do your eyes and ears from the video tell you different than what was in the article? If they are normal eyes and ears, they should. The only one yelling and insulting was the lady. After the dude thanked her for her attention to the matter and she insulted him, he told her to go get some ice cream and that set he off with a "go fuck yourself" along with a melt-down.

(btw - This was a beautiful moment. :) ) 

You can almost hear her say, "How dare you not obey me. Sit down and shut up. Don't you know you are a nobody?" The guy did not back down and he did not get kindergarten-level insulting. By cussing him and storming off, she did both.

What he did do was find a way to trigger these elitist clowns. They are not amused and, in this case, one of them ended up exposing herself for what she really is.


So why is this important? Because it is happening all over America, not just at the top level, but at these lower levels, that's why.

We are winning. It's taking a hell of an effort, it's painful and irritating, but we are winning. Stay tuned because more of this is coming.

The best part is many of these Predator Class cronies and psychopaths will destroy themselves as their situation tanks. In their cases, we won't even have to take out the garbage.


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Now we have a mainstream congressman (who is not Rand Paul) talking about COVID and the jab being pre-panned by an elite group of people and there was a lot of death and injury in its wake.

I expect more Senators to pile on, especially ones whose families and friends have suffered or died. Then once hey see this will get them votes, it will be all over.

Senator Ron Johnson would be a wonderful replacement for the corrupt neocon turtle if we can find a Matt Gaetz in the Senate to pull it off.


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It ain't over until it's over.

Naomi Wolf is having a hard time of it with Mark Zuckerberg.


It started here with Naomi coming up with peer-reviewed studies that go into a little-known ingredient in the Covid jabs that cause "frameshifting," a process that later leads to cancer and other ills in the people that took them:


Stay ahead of the censors - Join us Aired On: 12/8/2023 Watch: On the Web: On Gettr: @WarRoom On Podcast: Apple, iHeart Radio, Google On TV: PlutoTV Channel 240, Dish Channel 219, Roku, Apple TV, FireTV or on…


This can seriously mess with the Big Phrama moneis and Zuck-baby is invested up to the gills in Big Pharma stocks. So he booted her off Facebook and Instagram.


A Massive Censorship Attack on Us -- One Day after my @WarRoom Interview Explaining mRNA Vaccine-Caused "Frameshifting" has 720,000 Views


A little more about this.




Fortunately, there are now news outlets that permit news to get through to the mainstream whether Big Tech likes it or not.

The Facebook and Instagram bans will have a little impact, but nothing like in their glory days when they all took Alex Jones off the air in one whack.

That ain't happening no more.


It's even worse for Big Pharma. If this frameshifting thing from an unreported ingredient is what it appears to be and is proven to cause cancer and other ills, this will eventually get around the liability immunity Big Pharma had in the jabs and some rip-roaring righteous humongous class lawsuits will emerge.

And I will love it.

May crony authoritarians who treat human beings as livestock against their will all go out of business.



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The CEO of Moderna is crying uncle below.

Not even the Chinese Communist Party wants cheap jabs.

Nobody wants them.

Jab companies are now throwing out millions and millions and millions of doses all the time.

Friggin' psychopathic assholes.

At least reality is coming after them harder than any human could.

But the humans are on the way...



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