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Pfizer is not a German company.

Pfizer is a German-Chinese company.

How's them apples?

And don't let Mike Flynn's sarcasm fool you. He's not bashing Naomi, he's bashing the propaganda cult that tries to hide facts about the CCP, Big Pharma and so on. And taunting Elon for his dealings with the CCP.

Put another way, the CCP injected 150 million Americans with garbage.

And that's only through Pfizer.


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The goddam power grab from the virus and jab has come around like a boomerang on the Predator Class.

Who could have imagined this would happen?

NYC Dem Mayor Makes Stunning Move… Asks Stores to Tell Customers To Remove Masks


New York City Mayor Eric Adams (D) has issued a new order to try and protect small businesses from rising […]


The same guy (and class of people) who told you that you have to wear a mask or he will shut you down, fine you, blah blah blah is now telling people to stop with the masks because they only benefit thieves.





EDIT: I just came across a great metaphor for this. Children who kill their parents, then seek pity because they are orphans. :) 

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Now the Predator Class is blaming Racoon Dogs instead of a bioweapon.

New Data Links Pandemic’s Origins to Raccoon Dogs at Wuhan Market


An international team of virus experts said on Thursday that they had found genetic data from a market in Wuhan,


This is batshit crazy.



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Look what I got from my secret weapon offline (with many thanks).



The Gain of Function Industry With Whitney Webb



How far back can we trace gain-of-function research? Co-hosting today’s ‘Good Morning CHD’ are Whitney Webb and Jeremy Vedmore. Both investigative journalist...

That link is the original and the video is there, but it might feel off to some.

So here's a BitChute version:


How far back can we trace gain-of-function research? Co-hosting today’s ‘Good Morning CHD’ are Whitney Webb and Jeremy Vedmore. Both investigative journalist...


It's not just Big Pharma and government corporatists.

It's Big Pharma and the friggin' Pentagon.

Whitney is one hell of a researcher.

She and her cohort, Jeremy Vedmore, start with how gain of function research started with plagues in the 19th century, including in Asian countries. And she brings it up to the present with no excusing of the US military.

This vision is so different than what the mainstream and what the opponents of the mainstream have been presenting about this whole pandemic and jab affair, in my world, this video is one of the most important ones to date in this OL Coronavirus thread.

Watch it.

It's your choice, of course, but this is not one to miss.



EDIT: Here's teaser. I never knew what to make of Donald Rumsfeld. Back in the day, I saw all the yelling about him, but it was always fake news kind of yelling: loaded with opinions and barren of facts. Now, with Whitney's research, I see that he was one of mankind's gain of function research villains who made a bundle off of this crap.

Even as he said in public he was fighting weapons of mass destruction, behind the scenes he was engaged in helping to invent new ones, biological ones, and charging through the nose for it.

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In importance, you get a twofer today.


If you have taken the jab, are scared and disgusted, and are looking at the abyss look right back at you, the cavalry is coming. Some great things have happened.

If you are jabbed and scared, watch that damn video by Dr. Peterson Pierre.

btw - You can also go here:

Spike Protein Detox Guide

from the World Council for Health. 

Note, the full guide is at the link and you just keep scrolling on the page to read it.

There is a summary guide on that page, though.

But you can download the summary PDF herechrome-extension://gmpljdlgcdkljlppaekciacdmdlhfeon/images/beside-link-icon.svg.

Or look at the two images below.




This information and the WCH video are wedded information-wise.

Yup, the cavalry is coming...



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  • 3 weeks later...

It feels like beating a dead horse, but there is more from the Pfizer documents.

People died of anaphylaxis (think anaphylactic shock) during the trials. And a causal link is appearing with the jab. And, don't forget that Pfizer wanted these documents sealed for 75 years.


Dr. Naomi Wolf details how Pfizer vaccine is causing "Anaphylaxis".



In this video, Naomi said Moderna is up next. Naomi & Co. are getting their hands on Moderna documents similar to the Pfizer documents and will be digging in starting July.

Big Pharma has to lose it's legal immunity protections.

Otherwise it will keep killing people for money and it will keep getting away with it.


Shit, I thought I left drug pushers and dealers behind when I walked away from crack cocaine...


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Biden Signs Measure Ending COVID-19 National Emergency


President Joe Biden on April 10 signed a measure that ends the COVID-19 national emergency more than three ...

Some of the harassment will finally end.


As for the rest, fuck the government.

And double fuck the Predator Class.


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From The Washington Post: . . . The result is a growing longevity gap between men and women. In the United States, life expectancy in 2021 was 79.1 years for women and 73.2 years for men. That 5.9-year difference is the largest gap in a quarter-century . . . Men are at a greater risk of dying from covid-19 than women, a gap that cannot be explained by rates of infection or preexisting conditions. The age-adjusted death rate for covid was 140 deaths per 100,000 for males and 87.7 per 100,000 for females.

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I would take all statistics about 'covid death' rates with a large grain of salt. The SOC , standard of care, recommended for hospitalized covid patients probably skewed the results, just a guess but I would wager the largest age cohort group was probably those over 70 so they were more likely subjected to a dangerous treatment , and I would further wager males are probably a larger component of that cohort.   The all age all cause death rate men vs women doesn't seem much different in 2019 , so this 'report' isn't that surprising.



In the United States in 2019, the death rate was highest among those aged 85 and over, with about 14,230 men and 12,666 women per...


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On 3/25/2023 at 6:18 PM, Michael Stuart Kelly said:

If you have taken the jab, are scared and disgusted, and are looking at the abyss look right back at you, the cavalry is coming. 

Nice. When do they arrive?

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Negative alert!

4 minutes ago, william.scherk said:

Nice. When do they arrive?

Do I look like a biomedical scientist?


The only reason for a comment like that is to throw a negative into the mix.

The weird part is that had I said the contrary, the negative would have been the contrary, too.

And it would have been there.

The point of this rhetorical form is not the substance. It's to throw out a negative to degrade ideas.


Meanwhile, people keep dropping from myocarditis and other jab side effects all over the world.

I guarantee, no quantity or quality of rhetorical bullshit will bring a single one back to life.

The jab taketh, but the jab doth not giveth back.


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14 hours ago, Michael Stuart Kelly said:

I betcha climate change caused both the virus and the jab.

It certainly causes the side-effects.

Rhetoricians, take note, do.  The Times of Sunnyville names a possible partly-driving driver, 'dangerous fungi."

And "Queensland researchers" soundS much like plastic waste, yes?



Oh lordt. Hot wet demonic substance secretors. 


Australia’s surging rate of liver cancer – up 306 per cent since 1982 – could be partly driven by climate change spurring the growth of...

Aflotoxins up, ignorance holding steady, curiosity shanked.

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Here's an idea.

Let's give the government and globalists more money and power so they can fix them thar livers cancers. Maybe block the sun or something.

Them livestocks of the world are so stupid, they will keep coming back for more no matter whatcha say.

Just throw a little gobbledygook at them and they will believe it enough to fork over the goodies. The good thing about gobbledygook is you can lie and lie and lie and get busted, then come back and lie some more and the livestocks are so stupid, they will believe it. 

Just tell 'em that not believing liars is a sign of ignoooorance.


May the good times roll for elitists...

As to the livestocks... well worrying about climate change will take care of them... or a pandemic... or racism or sumpin'...



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  • 4 weeks later...

This is from the European Parliament (D. Martin).

It complements all the major whistleblowers about the recent COVID bioweapon attack and the total lack of ethics of Big Pharma in milking the situation with a bullshit jab.

What's worse, he shows how the COVID attack was intentional and this intention--in documented action--goes back to the 1960s.

The video is critical of the USA (as am I in this case), but I am posting this using Roger Stone's embed and strong comment because Roger is next to Trump and he will be there when Trump gets elected again.

If Roger believes this video, he can help make Trump believe it, or at least look at it.


If anyone wants to see the short Twitter thread of Kim Dotcom, here is a good way:


@KimDotcom: This is the most important video you will watch this year. Millions were killed with Covid-19 for profit. “Covid-19 was an act of biological warfare perpetrated on the human race. It was a financial...


As an aside, I am going through a course on Infoproduct internet marketing.

The person giving the course (an IM guru named Jason Fladlien) kept stressing that people for his kind of product (low cost, short, and focused on relieving desperate people of their problem and emotional pain) do not want INFORMATION. They want THE PROBLEM TO GO AWAY.

When he said that, I thought this point is constantly missed and downplayed in O-Land and by science-oriented people, but this is human nature and nothing more. Nobody is to blame for it.

To be honest, science-oriented people have a frustrating pain themselves. They can't convince the public of the truth. They could use a simple process to solve this pain themselves because no amount of technical details about psychology or marketing or human nature will get through to them.

The Gordian knot for them is their inability to convince people and the sword that chops that knot in two is for them to understand that the desperate people that these science people want to persuade do not want INFORMATION. They want THE PROBLEM TO GO AWAY.

This means, science people have to address this public with that in mind if they want to be heard. Only after lay people are hooked with a solution that they can understand and act on will the science people be able to present their information and get the lay people to listen.

The IM guru's secret to creating successful low-cost products is to provide 5 to 7 pieces of information that people can easily understand, accept and act on that will provide them with a result, meaning, for the most part, quick solution, relief and feeling better. (Later, he said you can sell the details to them for a lot of money. :) )


But I got to thinking, this is exactly how Fauci and Big Pharma sold the jab and got people to take these jabs voluntarily.

Except instead of 5 to 7 pieces of real information that people can understand and act on, they gave outright lies dressed up to look like easily understandable information from credible sources. Lies with easy-to-do bullshit that people could act on--like masks and social distancing and so on.


One phrase the IM guru said kept bouncing around in my head. He said do not let those 5 to 7 pieces of vital information get lost among 100 pieces of information that is trivial to the customer. Trivial in this sense means information the customer does not understand and cannot act on to get rid of his pain. Don't forget, fear is a kind of mental pain.

This customer does not give a crap about statistics or even truth and falsehood. This customer wants something easy to do to make the problem go away.

Notice that the evil people who addressed the mass public to push the jabs did not make this mistake. But you know who did make that mistake and who still does?

The people--so many good and intelligent people--who are trying to get the truth out about what an outrageous monstrosity was perpetrated on mankind with the COVID and jab mess. They make that mistake all the time. And they get frustrated because they can't get people to listen.


Well, the good part about the video above is that D. Martin did not make that mistake at the European Parliament.

He even ended with very simple calls to action like letting people damaged by Big Pharma sue Big Pharma and banning gain of function research (bioweapons) in all forms, period. Hell, I myself resonate with these calls to action.

Anyway, enjoy.


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I'm not ready to give it up on Dr. Simone Gold.

I love the Community Notes feature of Twitter because those notes are good at correcting facts and intentions. And I agree that Dr. Simone made it sound like the FDA was the party that first acted, not Johnson and Johnson.

However, as I remember it, the pandemic has officially been declared over. So why should any vaccine continue to have emergency authorization?

It's simple logic. If the emergency is over, the authorization to act outside of the norms in that emergency should end.


So I agree with Dr. Simone that the Medical Industrial Complex, including the government cronies thereof, are trying to undo the harm they caused and hope we don't notice.

The Community Notes make it sound like Johnson and Johnson's sole intention is to just follow the rules.

Yeah, right. A Big Pharma company will willingly walk away from gazillions in free government money because it wants to follow the rules. How about a different motive? How about there was no more free government money to be had for that type of jab? 

So, if no more moolah is in sight, might as well make it look like Johnson and Johnson was doing the responsible thing and even try to look good for the upcoming barrage of lawsuits.


So I agree with part of the correction of the Community Notes, but I do not agree with the implication that Johnson and Johnson's motives are as pure as the wind-driven snow.

Had Dr. Simone worded it just a little differently, the implication that the FDA was covering its own tracks and starting to act with responsibility would not have been part of the message.

But factually, Dr. Simone is correct in what she wrote. 

The FDA did revoke the emergency authorization. The Predator Class is trying to present an image that does not reflect its reality in the hopes that no one will notice. And we are noticing.

The Community Notes do not correct any of that since all of that is true.


I will go so far as to say that the Community Notes are not even helping to sell the idea that Johnson and Johnson is a goodie-goodie-two-shoes company, even though they intended to because they slanted that way. (Lots of money does wonders, doesn't it?)

A lot of people have been injured and murdered by the jab as Big Pharma raked in gobs and gobs and gobs of moolah, not to mention the future profits they will gain from studying the results of behavioral manipulation and control of entire populations. And the family members of the injured and murdered, and a whole lot of other people are pissed.

A reckoning is coming.

Dr. Simone will not be discredited by a lame-ass gotcha to those people. Hell, not even a detail got corrected, an implication did. So she will not be discredited. Not to me. Not to many many many pissed off people.


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