Any fans of "anti-life" music out there?

Kyle Jacob Biodrowski

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Too good to not share.

Keep your volumes low, again. Do I even need to keep saying this?

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Stephen recommended CHUMBAWAMBA. I found them interesting. I still have not found them in the racks at Half Price Books, but they are on YouTube, of course.


That song reminded me of three other songs.

The opening beat reminded me of the below song.

I'm not certain how Chumbawamba's song reminded me of these next two, but it did nevertheless.

Most of the time, I can never find the music I like on any music racks at any store. That's the reason I rely on Youtube for all my music needs.

I have a number of CDs though. I also have an IPod variant, though I never download music and I've never uploaded already purchased music to it. Interestingly enough, I was going to upload a lecture given by Joseph Rowlands onto it, but I never got around to it.

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Stephen Boydstun recommended Chumabawaba.

Love the music.

Hate the politics.

Tough choice.

I don't think any band's politics align with my own. This doesn't matter to me, though, since I listen for the music, not the politics. Political differences isn't reason enough for me to discard the music I like.

Keep your volume low. It will blast you, otherwise.

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I finished watching a Let's Play of the game "The Walking Dead" today. I never really appreciated it's soundtrack until I watched a short clip of the game after I finished watching the Let's Play. Perhaps there is something to be said about music one doesn't notice. The music was so well integrated with the game-play that I didn't identify the music as a soundtrack. I just took it all (the music, game-play, imagery, etc.) as one giant, seamless whole.

Here's the original soundtrack:

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And where would I be without Ronnie James Dio...

And while we're on the subject of "Push"...

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Hey Kyle! Just dropped in to say hello!

I kind of like this one!

Now here's a personality I didn't expect to see around here.

I haven't heard much from Alter Bridge. I'll have to give them a try some time.

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Ahh, as for myself...I shrugged. I occasionally read stuff here and RoR however for the most part other than what Kyle,Ed Thompson, and a few others at RoR have to say on certain threads I rarely care what goes on in any objectivist sites.

I simply did not like the nastiness that was reoccurring at SOLO before LP shut it down. Soooo much to everyone's delight I stopped posting.

Nice to see you just the same, even if it is not reciprocated.

Take care.

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