Any fans of "anti-life" music out there?

Kyle Jacob Biodrowski

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I have to ask you Kyle, are you well?


concerned citizen

I have my ups and downs, which is normal for me.

Why do you ask?

It was a rib against the title of this thread and all the vids you are posting. It was not meant to be taken literally.


I suspected that may have been the case.

It's funny, all this "anti-life" music has been one of the things that's kept me going all these years.

If it's kept you going maybe it's kept you from knowing. While acknowledging the subjectivity of it all let's consider "pro-life" music--that is, when I was young nothing was so beautiful and uplifting to me as classical waltzes, but that didn't keep me from 'knowing'.


only things to think about; I hardly know you

You're being cryptic, as usual. Is there something you know? Is there something I don't know? What have I been kept from knowing? Tell me your secrets!

In the meantime, more metal.

Warning: may leave a metallic after taste in mouth. You've been warned.

Do you hear that? That's the sound of a warning going unheeded.

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Kyle thanks for sharing. Stephen, nice choices. Really, Bryce, everyone, all interesting. I made notes to take with me to the library and the store.

On the deeper issue it is possible to create unarguably anti-life art. However, largely the determination of pro- or anti- is within you. Is Rodin's The Thinker pro- or anti-? (My argument pro here.)

Carol: it is your connections. You have complained before about simple editing. We do not have dedicated glass wires running into our homes: we all share. After a few of the videos, I just threw up my hands, alerted my wife and rebooted everything. Sometimes it gets worse; sometimes better.

One of my favorites:

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Well, as long as we are being open and honest....

I mean, if we are going to be friends ....

Raise your children well ...


Noted, listened to, and enjoyed.

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Justice Dance was a surprise. Thanks.

By the way, the second link, the German group, is the old East German anthem "Auferstanden aus Ruinen" (Rising up from the Ruins). If you google the German title, you can find more formal presentations with lots of banners, tanks, and goosestepping. You can find punk and techno versions of most of the major national anthems. Some come off better than others but most hardly change. An electric guitar does nothing for "Scotland the Brave."

Yelena Isinbaeva rocks the Russian National Anthem

(Though, it seems she is also representing Toyota)

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National anthems are the best, practically unruinable.

Ours is musically pretty dreary, but thrilling when done right, There is always a spirited debate on hockey sites about the anthem singers. No real question however, that Roger Doucet was the best that ever was or will be, and Lt..Scotty Newlands is his audioemotional heir.


Anthem enthusiast

Still upset that Scots wha Hae got displaced

True, "welcome to your gory bed, chains and misery", is not exactly upbeat, but a true reflection of Scots history at the hands of England, Nobody, not even the Welsh, let alone the colonies, got so thoroughly mistreated and screwed over jolly old John Bull.

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Now that's some good old "anti-life" music from my past. It and November Rain were favorites.


I've known of November Rain, but I had never listened to it. Glad I gave it the time of day.

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A cover of a childhood song. I rather like it.

Warning: Keep your volume low.

And here is the song from my childhood.

Warning: Don't listen to this song.

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Fan video.

Watch Metropolis.

The WWI destroyer laying smoke in WWII was way cool.


In this context, "fan video" means that the video wasn't produced and/or released by NIN, Trent Reznor, Reznor's record company, etc.

I like this mashup.


This song has always had somewhat of a strong effect on me. I almost couldn't watch the video. This song mixed with this video produced a powerful cocktail. I almost couldn't down it.

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This song is still as haunting and powerful now, as it was on the first day I heard it. I wish Manson had stuck with the style.

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Now that's a tough song.


I first heard the song while reading Marilyn Manson's autobiography. The combination of his life events and the song's haunting undertones hit me really hard. I wouldn't call myself a fan of his music in general, but this particular song is still special to me.

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