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On 7/9/2015 at 12:12 PM, Michael Stuart Kelly said:


I think I know why it's different now.

Trump is a publicity hound, that's true. So before, in the last two elections, I believe he allowed his ego to rise when all the Republican candidates went to kiss his ring. I think that made him toy with the idea of running. After all, he had to meet a lot of political operatives back then and I am sure some of them started planting the idea in his head. And, hey, saying he wanted to run was free publicity.

But now, I believe it is different. Once an idea like running for president gets a hold in the mind of a man like that, it grows roots, a stem and starts to flower.

The thing is Trump has basically achieved what he wanted to in life as a businessman. All he can do is keep doing more of the same. Ditto for entertainment. He turned the two most important Miss pageants (Miss America and Miss Universe) around in terms of viewership and he ran a top show (The Apprentice) for years. Ditto for book author (The Art of the Deal, along with a crapload of other books).

He was the business political kingmaker when America breathlessly awaited who he would endorse as the tabloids endlessly gossipped about which candidate went to see him.

So, from this frame, Trump is at a point in life to ask himself what it all means. What else is out there for him to achieve? Is there any mission greater than what he has accomplished?

And he latched onto the idea of making America great again.

That is his battle-cry. I'm surprised to see no one really talk about this because he says it over and over all the time. Every speech. Every interview. Hell, I think he even says it during meals. :)

This mission hits him right where he lives inside himself and it hits "the silent majority" here in the USA right where they live. The poll results are showing this. As time goes on, as this mission grows in him, I believe it is making him entertain the idea of becoming one of the greats in statesmanship. To a person like him, at this stage in his life, the idea of going down in history alongside George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and so on is almost too appealing to resist.

And, frankly, the spiritual smallness and lack of achievements of most current politicians (other than political crap) is making him stand out big-time--it's making his job a l

Loving President Trump daily!


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4 hours ago, Marc said:

Peter, are you in? 

As the headline states, "ITS BULLSHIT." Being Speaker would only detract from President Trump. The press would have fun with the name "Speaker Trump." The job would waste his time. He would need to hang out at "The House." He is going to be President for another term, so I would leave him alone to pursue that goal.    

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58 minutes ago, Peter said:

As the headline states, "ITS BULLSHIT." Being Speaker would only detract from President Trump. The press would have fun with the name "Speaker Trump." The job would waste his time. He would need to hang out at "The House." He is going to be President for another term, so I would leave him alone to pursue that goal.    

Not agreeing that he could not do both but I do hear you and it makes sense.

That being said, he would be able to accomplish a lot and pave certain roads ahead of his third Presidential win.

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Sad personal news for President Trump.


Maryanne Trump Barry, the older sister of former President Donald Trump, died Monday morning at age 86. She was found in her home on the Upper East Side, in Manhattan, and the cause of death is...

Sad for the rest of us, too.


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On 11/16/2023 at 12:46 PM, Michael Stuart Kelly said:

Policy ideas are important, but so is implementation.




Hey Peter, what is your trusted MSM saying about your girl Nikki now? Still think she has a VP shot?

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3 hours ago, Marc said:

What say you Mr.Peter? 

Biden approval ratings are dismal: 45 percent approve and 53 disapprove. And the "direction of the country polls" show: right direction 33 and wrong direction 62 percent of the electorate. Wow.

The court room shenanigans have reached their peaks. Yup. Ho hum. How can there even be a primary if one considers using data from Real Clear Politics? Trump is not going to be caught by Haley, DeSantis or anyone else.

The two lowest poll numbers for Trump are from YouGov: Trump plus 38 percent over everybody, and Yahoo: Trump plus 39 percent over everybody. He is generally in the forties and fifties percent range over his Republican nomination rivals . . . . and we are only a month away from 2024!

So, what do the Republican candidates hope to achieve? Are they seeking the award for most stupid, or the dooms day trophy for terrible things happening to President Donald Trump and the country? Or the VP position? 

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Dems imploding on the daily.

Kennedy a factor only by taking whatever small Dem votes remain or if Trump offers him VP

Dems have to take their own guy out because the Repubs don't need to.

50 States 50 wins for Trump.

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Just a shoutout on a legal technicality that threatens to take down the entire Jack Smith effort.

It looks like Jack Smith's appointment as Special Counsel to go after Trump was flawed at the legal and constitutional base.


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Essentially, Biden told or ordered Merrick Garland to get Trump by any means necessary and Garland said, sure. He would slap something together. And he did--without going through the proper channels.

But the media screamed to the four winds that Jack Smith is the Special Counsel, Jack Smith is the Special Counsel, Jack Smith is the Special Counsel, Jack Smith is the Special Counsel...

And everyone merely went along with it. 

There is a lot of legal mumbo-jumbo surrounding all this, but Ed Meese from the Reagan era has filed an Amicus Brief with SCOTUS making the argument that the appointment of Jack Smith was done in an unconstitutional manner, therefore everything he has done in that office, including imprison people, is null and void.


One of the lawyers who filed with Meese wrote the following in Reason, and, btw, from the tone of the article, it looks like he doesn't like Trump, and especially not Rudy Giuliani. But he argues for the law to be executed as written and for Trump's constitutional rights to be preserved.


Everything he has done since Nov. 2022 is null and void.


Let's see where this goes. From where I sit, this is going to cause heartburn in the Supreme Court Justices seeing that this flaw was present in the appointment of Robert Mueller, too.

He just didn't try to argue in the name of the USA at the SCOTUS level, so it was not an issue they had to take up. They kinda do have to take up this one about Jack Smith since Smith is sending shit to them marked urgent.  And a former Attorney General (Meese) is sending shit to them, too, and crying foul. :) 


But setting that aside, if this issue can get media traction, it won't matter what SCOTUS does about it.

The general public will see it as a banana-republic abuse by the Biden people of the judicial system to interfere in the election and most of them will side with Trump on that reason alone.

And the 2024 election will have such massive pro-Trump results that it will be easy for him and MAGA to fix legal issues. Hell, once in office, Trump can even pardon himself if he has been convicted of anything federal.


But there is something the Jack Smith's and his backers are not taking into account. Once Trump is in power, their own legal jeopardy becomes a real issue with teeth. And everyone MAGA around Trump, including the majority of the public, will be screaming for their blood.

I bet some of these people end up with long prison sentences.

And I will love it.



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I'll just leave this right here.


*BREAKING NEWS* The US Supreme Court on Friday denied Jack Smith’s request for a ruling on Trump’s immunity argument.


This is minor, but it is still a win.


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Now we have monkeyshines against Trump in a New York.

I really don't want to write about this because it is stupid and will be overturned soon. This is more of a publicity stunt with the collusion of a corrupt NY judge. 

If you want an overview of the verdict from Trump's attorney:


And if you want a general overview of the crazy lady's case, it's quite a read.

Here is Lefevre's text without being truncated:


I thought everyone knew the E. Jean Carroll vs Trump case was bogus, until I heard my mother's (late 60s Republican) uninformed take on the verdict after watching ABC Nightly News.

It's hard to find on Google, so here's what you need to know about E. Jean Carroll, most of which was deemed "inadmissible" by the judge:

- She couldn't recall the date, month, season, or year the incident happened
- She never told anyone about it, despite being publicly obsessed with her own sexuality
- The dress she claims to have been wearing didn't exist at the time
- Her description of the dressing room at Bergdorf Goodman was inaccurate, making her sequence of events impossible
- Her lawsuit was bankrolled by Jeffrey Epstein pal and Democrat (and Nikki Haley) mega-donor Reid Hoffman
- Democrats created a law (The Adult Survivors Act in 2022) to enable her lawsuit to proceed
- Her accusation is the exact plotline of an episode of Law & Order (one of her "favorite shows")
- Trump's Apprentice was also one of her favorite shows
- She has a history of falsely accusing men of r*pe, including Les Moonves
- She told Anderson Cooper, "most people think of r*pe as being sexy. Think of the fantasies."
- She made a career promoting promiscuity, even writing glowingly of sexual assault and naming her cat Vagina



They didn't even try to disguise the railroading attempt. They muzzled Trump's defense (the judge even threatened her with jail if she did not shut up as she was speaking in a normal procedure motion) and accepted unproven allegations from the crazy lady as fact in such a blatant manner, I don't recall a trial being this boneheaded in recent times.

And there have been plenty of boneheaded trials recently. 

Anyway, if you enjoy phony-baloney gossip, there it is. That's all it is and all it can be.



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