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I've done it!

Sadly, I have nothing to share at the moment. I just wanted to be the one to start the thread.

You little shit. You beat me to it. It looks like we were all racing over here to start it. Oh, man, you so suck the big one, Kori. LOL

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HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! :devil: Victor didn't race. Well maybe he did, but he's just welling up about it right now and won't post yet.

Better to suck the big one than the little one, know what I mean? Hehehehehe.

Yeah, he was racing, you know it, I know it. He came in third. LMAO What's up with that, Victor? It looks like Kori sucks the big one. I suck the little one and you suck the...well, hell, it's so small, I can't see it. LOL

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LMAO! We're gonna hi-jack this thread too.

I almost didn't even log on now too. Good thing I did so I could beat both of your asses. There's a lot of sucking going on. LOL. :baby:

*yawns* Must. Sleep. Now. Work. Tomorrow. BLAH!

Night night, guys. :baby:

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Okay, not really a "music video" but it's one of my early YouTube uploads...'s a Bass Pig thing, if you catch my drift......

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Okay, I said I would put some music up so here it is. Took my ass forever but here are some bands that I like.

Rush (of course I have to put these guys in here !!!)


The Spirit of Radio (starts about 50 seconds into the video)

A Farewell To Kings

YYZ (Gotta have some Neil Peart !!!)


Neil Peart small drum solo...absolutely freakin' phenomenal



Wish You Were Here (I love being a Cali girl)


We Need A Resolution

One In A Million

Rock The Boat

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Links were removed because youtube killed them for terms of service violations. bummer.
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What's with all the washing machines on stage?

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Here's something historical about the pipe organ:

But the most unique organ work I've ever heard was this rendition of Saint-Saëns, Danse Macabre:

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Shania Twain

She's Not Just A Pretty Face

[video removed by youtube] From This Moment On

[video removed by youtube] You've Got A Way

[video removed by youtube] I'm Gonna Getcha Good

[video removed by youtube] You're Still The One

Fleetwood Mac

[video removed by youtube] Sara

[video removed by youtube] Gypsy

[video removed by youtube] Landslide


[video removed by youtube] Don't Look Back

[video removed by youtube] More Than A Feeling


[video removed by youtube] Dust In The Wind

[video removed by youtube] Carry On My Wayward Son

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youtube removed the videos due to copyrights
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Thanks for the links. I will check some of these out later. I discovered YouTube a few months ago and amuse myself with it occasionally. It's fun for things other than music too. I think the first time I saw it was a few months ago when Inky was in her room alone laughing uncontrollably and come to find out she was watching "Whose Line is it Anyway" on the computer. We love that silly show.... Sunday we were looking at some music videos of Queen, Bowie and Siouxsie and the Banshees. It is kinda neat that my kid likes much of the same music I liked when I was her age and she has been going to Beatles conventions since she was a little twink.


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My goodness, you guys were up late! I watched A Little Less Conversation. A little more Elvis! I love that song. :heart:

Okay, I'll post one vid and then I'm REALLY going to finish this homework.

This is the funniest music vid I've seen in a while. It's Weird Al - White and Nerdy and it's a parody of Chamillionaire's Ridin' Dirty (which I also like, it's a good car song). Prepare to laugh.

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And, of course, I could hardly contribute to this thread without encouraging you all to hear the songs from his album Soundtrack to Your Life that my step-grandson Ashley Parker Angel has put up on his MySpace:

I recommend especially:

Crazy Beautiful (you have to ignore whatever song plays automatically and click on the title you want)


I'm Better

I really like these two songs. In the case of the second one, the interest picks up considerably as the song continues, so give it a chance!

You have to go here:

and then click on the songs I've mentioned, which are in the player at the top.

His current single is "Where Did You Go?," a ballad--it's also on the site.


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[video removed by youtube]

Oldie but goodie... Bill Bruford Band playing "Beezlebub." Allan Holdsworth, Guitar, Jeff Berlin, bass, Dave Stewart, keyboards, and Bruford (formerly of Yes). I saw this tour years ago. This is how the big dogs do it.

Speaking of Allan Holdsworth:

[video removed by youtube]

Galaxy Theater concert. Arguably the most brilliant technical guitarist on the planet-- John Coltrane plays electric guitar. I opened for him twice back in the eighties...very scary to watch up close!!

[video removed by youtube]

EDIT: Might as well throw in a good performance of "Elephant Talk" by King Crimson:

[video removed by youtube]

Enjoy, behold the fury.


Resident technorock nerd.

Edited by Kat
videos were removed by youtube
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Joss Stone

[video removed by youtube] Right To Be Wrong

[video removed by youtube] You Had Me

[video removed by youtube] Don't Cha Wanna Ride

Edited by Kat
videos were removed by youtube so I deleted the links
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Koir, if you like 'A little Less Conversation' I think you'll like this:

Elvis Presley - Rubberneckin' (Paul Oakenfold Remix)

[video removed by youtube]

ELVIS From the Beginning to the End ( edited ) djf

Elvis Presley (A Big Hunk o' Love) edited djf

[video removed by youtube]

Edited by Kat
videos removed by youtube so I removed the dead links
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Damn, I forgot how much ass Elvis kicks! Thanks, Victor. I need to go get some Elvis, man. :heart:

This is all good stuff you guys. Angie, I kind of remember Joss Stone (or maybe Melissa Etheridge, can't remember) doing a tribute to Janis Joplin. I'll have to find it. And keep the Rush coming. They are freakin' amazing!

I was also diggin' that Ashley Parker Angel song "Crazy Beautiful." Wasn't he in a group a long time ago?

And Jesus, Mark, what a speaker! I'm jealous!

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