Something a Little Different (LOL)

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I have a cute social media anecdote.

I watch things happen on Facebook without writing much. Once in a while I make comments to help a person or something, but it is rare.

I always get requests to be friends with someone, though. Before accepting, I go to their page to see who they are. The tricky part is the pretty ladies. A lot of them are spam and I delete their requests. 

Well, one particular pretty lady did show up the other day asking to be friends. I went to her page and saw she has been a member of Facebook for some time and talks about O-Land things. She was not only pretty, she was high-class. Lots of photos of her in rich surroundings. Something felt off, but I thought what the hell. I accepted the request.

The next day I got a private message from her. Did she say hello? Or nice to meet you? Or anything dealing with O-Land?


Here is the interaction we had.

HER: Can I ask you a question, Michael?

ME: Confucius say: "Whenever stranger start with, 'Can I ask you question?,' cover wallet with hand." :) 

I'm still waiting for a follow-up.



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