Bitcoin and Crypto and DeFi and Sometimes Ayn Rand

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I know no one is following the politics of El Salvador, and up here, when the mainstream press has talked about Bukele recently, they have been calling him a strong man dictator and all that crap, but he just won reelection by a record-breaking margin.

Note, elections in El Salvador are not rigged. 


Need more proof?

Those El Salvador people luvs them some Bitcoin.

They ain't talking about it with so-called experts.

They're living it.



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Bitcoin is the perfect money for this time in history due the pervasive Internet technology.

That is Bitcoin's main purpose. 

However, Bitcoin is also one of the top yielding investments in modern history, at least so far. However the yield is medium to long term. In the short term, Bitcoin goes up and down.

Look at Bitcoin's performance against long-term government treasury bills to see just how much money it makes holders medium to long term.

Put in $10k and come out with over $750k.

For those who doubt, what's not to see?

Yet many still hear the Siren's song of the Deep State and Big Banking and jump, crushing themselves on the shoals.

They are economic Darwin Awards contenders.

While Bitcoin marches on...



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