Bitcoin and Crypto and DeFi and Sometimes Ayn Rand

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This part is super interesting.

This is what happens when the fox owns the chicken coop.


But wait! There's more!

And I got this one offline.

What does that mean for Bitcoin?

It means, despite the FUD and games crooks played with this FTX mess. which made a lot of people sell their Bitcoin and thus the dollar value of Bitcoin was affected, here's the good side.

Scratch that. The great side.

Bitcoin as money was immune to them. The biggest crook of all using the second largest exchange on the market, with the blessing of Biden & Co. and Ukraine oligarchs and billions flowing through it all, had to fake Bitcoin sales. 

They couldn't steal Bitcoin so they sold counterfeit.

And they used the counterfeit as a cover-up for their other thefts.

What's more. It wasn't the government that busted the counterfeiting.

It was the free market itself.


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They tried to do fiat currency with crypto and that opened the door for fraud.

Bitcoin is not that. 

As Michael Saylor says, with Bitcoin, there is no bank. Each person is his own bank.

No persons and no institutions, including governments and banks, can take your Bitcoin. But they can take the others and wipe out entire cryptocurrencies that are not Bitcoin.

In the end, this FTX fiasco might become the biggest ad of all for Bitcoin.



Just so people understand this better, Bitcoin is money, not an investment. However, when normal money gets funky, the trading value for Bitcoin skyrockets.

When fiat currency and debt are working well in the market, say during a time the market is being manipulated by governments and the banks, the trade value of Bitcoin is bland. 

When fiat currency and debt start working poorly, the price of Bitcoin in those fiat currencies and debt instruments goes way up.

As investment only, Bitcoin is only worth it when currencies are going to hell and debt is taking over everything. Kinda like what is coming soon to your neighborhood grocery store.

I'm talking about you, dollar.


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4 hours ago, Michael Stuart Kelly said:

In the end, this FTX fiasco might become the biggest ad of all for Bitcoin.

Wanna see a huge difference between Bitcoin and other cryptos?

Look at this.

Cryptos that depend on exchanges are OK with this, not because they say they do it, but because they do it. Most say they don't do it even though they do.

In normal banking, this is called Fractional Reserve Banking.

This crap they are doing is Fractional Reserve Crypto. And loaning/borrowing money to buy crypto is called "leveraging."

But it's the same crap.

Have you noticed that cat shit and dog shit all smell like shit?


With Bitcoin, a fractional reserve system is not possible unless you let the exchange keep your money and promise it will later buy Bitcoin on your behalf.

Other than that, there is no mechanism that can work to make Fractional Reserve Bitcoin become a reality. It just can't.


Because Bitcoin rules are set in stone and they are not governed by humans any more. Also, the "torrent"-like nature of it prohibits centralization.

Let's put it this way for O-Land people.

Bitcoin is an end in itself.



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On 2/19/2022 at 11:36 AM, ThatGuy said:

"And now, for something completely different..."
Larry David and the lighter side of crypto-currency denial...


"Things that didn't age well", or, "Holy !@#%; turns out Larry David was right the whole time..."

(And I didn't even realize, at the time I originally posted this, back in February, that this was an ad for FTX; the name itself didn't mean anything to me, then; just thought it was a funny ad for crypto...)


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On 11/23/2022 at 7:38 PM, Michael Stuart Kelly said:

Bitcoin, everyone.

Not crypto in general.


That's what the predator class fears the most.

Here's part of the FTX rot on the Republican side.

Mostly RINO-types, but there are some MAGA people there, too.

If you want to know how a world-class grifter can get away with stealing billions right in front of everyone's nose, he's protected.

You will not find this corruption in the pure Bitcoin world. Why? Because there is no way to take Bitcoin from people without them knowing about it.


But if you want to do some world-class thieving, do this, which is what Sam Bankman-Fried did:

1. Open a cryptocurrency brokerage.

2. Call it an exchange, even through it is a middleman. Don't worry. Nobody will call you on it.

3. Mask the purchases of crypto on the "exchange" with jargon that insinuates purchases have been made, but basically, at root, you keep the money and promise to purchase when someone wants their money back.

4. Use the money in any manner you wish. It's better to use it in a manner where you can put it back, but that's not a requirement for the scam to work.

5. Make sure you bribe Congress and all kinds of politicians so they keep law enforcement off your back.

6. Set up an Exit Strategy and Plan B in places like the Bahamas for when the thing crashes. That way you have a place to run to.


btw - You can do something similar with shitcoins, too.


But you can't do it with Bitcoin.


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I was sent offline the link to this video with Catherine Austin Fitts.

She analyzes the FTX scandal. She concludes it was an money laundering operation that had served its purpose after the midterms were over, so it fell and nothing from the shadows stopped it from falling.


She also believes crypto is fabulous, but during this phase where there is a serious attempt to centralize control of the planet, she thinks it is the most dangerous thing around. She says to spit yourself out if you can. Use cash for as much as you can.

I am still a Bitcoin advocate, so I have a slight disagreement with her there, but every time I see a video with Catherine, I feel like I have become a bit wiser.

She is the one who talked about the BLM and Antifa riots being funded because they were massive real estate deals. The riots devalued mostly downtown properties, companies like Blackrock came in later and gobbled up the devalued real estate, and now these companies are beginning to own cities from the inside out.


Her website is Solari Report. I keep promising myself that I will go there every day to read something and I never go.

That's not because it ain't good. It's fabulous. It's just I have no time after doing my fiction writing stuff.

And the fiction stuff is super important. As the saying goes, politics is downstream from culture,

Oh well. Maybe someday I'll get time for economics.

For now, at least I get to see videos about separate topics as I come across them and get interested. That's better than I had it before the Internet.


So watch the video and enjoy.

Who knows? Catherine might help you understand a bit about all these mega-happenings swirling around.

At least I am certain she will get you to asking the right questions.



EDIT: She said the powers that be (the elitists who meet at times) discussed Trump and made a decision that he will not run again in 2024. They were not going to stand for it. I say, so what else is new? They've been doing that for quite a while. So I disagree with her a bit on this, too, if she believes this will stop Trump. (She didn't say.) :)  


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Every time I see Max Keiser talk to someone intelligent and moral, I feel like the journey to a great world is the direction he is pointing to and going in.

Here he talks to Tucker and he is on his game.

Simple, informative, entertaining and full of what Ayn Rand would call a sunlit world. A benevolent universe view.


Max is not as technical here as he is in other places, but damn if he doesn't paint a beautiful picture of what life could be like--and is turning out to be in certain places.

I can't recommend this interview highly enough.


He also explains two points about Bitcoin that I find important.

1. Bitcoin is made to be attacked. And the more it is attacked, the stronger it gets as a currency.

2. El Salvador has turned its entire economy around by adopting Bitcoin, even though the dollar value is low right now. GDP is way up in El Salvador. Unemployment practically does not exist. Taxes are lower than they have ever been. Gangs have disappeared . The country is not involved in any wars or boondoggles since these things have to be paid for and no one can confiscate the Bitcoin of anyone by the nature of Bitcoin.

People in El Salvador have to be sold on the need for an extra cost before they will agree to pay for it. If you can't pay for wars and boondoggles in some manner (like printing money, then raising taxes and other schemes), they just don't happen.

Tucker also asked Max what would happen if the US went militarily against El Salvador and he admitted this is a vulnerability right now, but they have other Latin American countries that are close to adopting Bitcoin. He mentioned Guatemala. Also, Mexico is opening the door to talking about it. He said some other countries down there are in the thinking about it stage.

He thinks the US is too worried about the collapsing economy right and chaos now to be worried about a small country that is nor really part of the system anymore. By the time the series of crashes comes, he hopes El Salvador will be strong enough to ward off any country that wants to do something stupid.


It's funny.

Max is no fan of Trump, and yet he is one of my heroes.


I have a feeling that in times of peace and prosperity, both would be good friends if they met and interacted.


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I am turning into a major fan of Presidente Nayib Bukele of El Salvador.

I mean, Trump-level in my fandom.

Those who know me know that this is serious.

This dude rocks.

And so does Max, his advisor on all things Bitcoin. For that matter, so does the Bitcoin wrecking crew that immigrated down there.

Bitcoin rules.



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For those out of the loop, get educated.

This video by Max Keiser being interviewed by Tucker last December is a masterclass, not only of Bitcoin, but of finance in general.

Seriously, this sucker is all goodness.

But bring your A game in attention-span. They cover a shitload of information in a short amount of time.



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More Max, this time with Stacy.

Don't mind the silent intro. They did it without sound for some goddam reason.

But watch this video and see how Bitcoin (and the gang around it) is doing in El Salvador what Ayn Rand tried to write about in Galt's Gulch.

In fact, watch how many ideas they talk about that sound like it is right out of Atlas Shrugged.

Except El Salvador is not a novel. Atlas Shrugged is.

I have some objections to Rand's views, but this is the first time I am looking from the Randian vision to present reality where the results can be measured in money.

Here is reality, for as much as I dislike this myself. How did Objectivism go out into the political-economic world?

Alan Greenspan.

Take a look at all the banks exploding around us. Greenspan was part of that. He laid some foundations for that to happen once power left his hands.

Now take a look at El Salvador and Bitcoin.

They are building friggin' Galt's Gulch in Latin America.

There is no minted gold coin from there like in AS. I love gold, but not in a world dominated by central banks that own entire governments that own militaries.

The coin is Bitcoin. It needs no Fort Knox for storage and it needs no guns to take the pillars of systemic corruption in the entire financial world.

Watch the video. It's very Rand-friendly. Hell, it's even Trump-friendly.



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Even Jordan Peterson gets it.

You can read about it here.

Wait until the shit really hits the fan. ANZ bank is not a neighborhood savings and loan. It's a major bank.

Refusing cash withdrawals is a trial balloon to see how that takes. If the landing is merely bumpy and not a crash, then the banks--like dominoes--will start to fall all over the world.

Jordan gets it as gotten as it gets. Bitcoin really does solve this. For the owners of the money, that is. Not for the thieving banking institutions.

Any Australian who has his or her money in Bitcoin can leave Australian and go anywhere in the world and have access to all their money on demand. All of it. What's more, all of the world's governments, customs, police forces, financial regulators, intelligence communities, militaries, and so on, all of them can't do a damn thing about it.

The only thing the person needs to do is know where his or her hashes are. And care for a thumb drive if they use cold storage. If not, encrypted on the cloud, or even on a hard drive, works.



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Holy shit.

Once Trump gets back in office, is there any doubt General Mike Flynn will be on board?

And it looks like the good General is getting red-pilled fast.

I'm speculating, I know. But this is exciting.

This could be a signal that Bitcoin will be adopted in the US as legal tender much sooner than anyone imagines...


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Here is the problem with gold.

Apparently, in today's world, you can only buy regulated gold.

Otherwise the governments of the world confiscate it.

It's even worse, though. The governments have tests where they try to identify the origin of any gold you have when you try to transport it. So when you buy gold, you have to make sure it conforms to tests you don't--and can't--make at the time.

What could possibly go wrong?

Two New Yorkers tried to leave Brazil with 77 pounds of gold in their luggage


The incident set off a legal battle that has dragged on for three years and entangled an eccentric Austrian businessman previously arrested in Brazil for carrying gold onto a plane.


In other words, gold is no longer gold as a store of value. Only certain kinds of gold is, and I suspect the definition of that changes according to the convenience of governments.

Bitcoin solves all of that.

Those dudes in trouble would have been able to travel with all their money had it been in Bitcoin and nobody could have done a damn thing about it.


There is no such thing as regulated Bitcoin, for as much as the governments keep trying.

It's built from the beginning in a form that makes centralized control impossible.



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Everybody enjoying the different banking crises?

Fiat money is in deep doo-doo because our self-appointed betters got greedy.

They were getting the bulk of the golden eggs, but they wanted goose meat.

Guess what?

No more golden eggs.



But a savior appeared, not for them but for the rest of mankind.

Let Max explain it.



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