why is public nudity looked at in such a negative behavior in most Christian Churches?


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5 hours ago, weareacouple said:

wow my wife told me she deleted us from this forum but I can see that we are still members here. she went to her sisters this weekend so needless to say I have been watching porn and jacking off. well I am pretty sure you would rather communicate with my wife and her huge tits but sorry it is just me tonight. 

How about none of the above?  If you could F@ck off or jack off over —> there that would be great! 😈

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Trash. Crap. Don't step in it.

edit. There are several threads, or topics for teens on Objectivist Living and I have NO doubt kids frequent these pages so for that guy to advertise sex acts with kids? other men? other women? himself? tag teams? criminal acts? public acts? Do you feel safe around these people? Do you want your kids playing around these people? 

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