Ayn Rand Popularity Spurs Release of Lost Film

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I'd love to see a re-make of The Fountainhead.

Thanks, as always.

Yes, that remake might be worth the effort.

Also, Anthem could be filmed really well. After I see Avatar, in the theatre, I will have a better understanding of the medium of "3D".


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The most important sentence in that NewsMax article is this:

"Lionsgate Entertainment has announced that the long-delayed movie version of “Atlas Shrugged” has been reincarnated as a TV mini-series to begin shooting later this year. "

That is worded as if the project is now a go!! But I couldn't find any mention by googling or on the Lionsgate website (no search capacity).

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I still don't expect to see Atlas ever made into anything.

The Anthem project was discussed by Kerry O'Quinn at the TAS Summer Seminar in 2005 or '06. It seems to have not moved from that discussion.

Ted Turner doing a remake of

"The Fountainhead" is an awful idea. My problem is with Ted Turner doing the remake not with someone else doing it.

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