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  1. Donald Trump and Paris Hilton share an occupation: publicity whore. Paris Hilton is better at it. This is my last post to OL. I cannot respect anyone who takes Trump seriously.
  2. If this was a drinking song they must have been very good musicians in the eighteenth century. The guys in the video are working hard at it, and they seem to be sober.
  3. And did you know that The Objectivist liked Drury? BB reviewed Preserve and Protect and Erika Holzer Capable of Honor, both favorably. They ran an interview with him in 1970. Then EH hated Throne of Saturn and they never mentioned him again. The recent Dennis Hastert revelations were like one of Drury's subplots.
  4. I like the figure she cuts, even when she's wrong. Watch how she deals with Tapper in the clip just past the midpoint: They say she's really running for VP or a cabinet job, maybe Secretary of Defense. I'd welcome here there.
  5. No. They initiated coercion. Next question.
  6. No need to. Look up trump eminent domain atlantic city in Bing or Google.
  7. Interesting story. Communist China, at least some of the time, understands property rights better than Trump does.
  8. The lectures as taped couldn't have been before 1960, as both the full course and the single lecture in the NBI basic series allude to the Quemoy-Matsu debate in the 1960 election.
  9. The link is to a crackpot site. I can't take it seriously, and, if you do, I can't take you seriously.
  10. Actually Breakfast at Tiffany's was a book before it was a movie. If the movie weren't so entertaining on its own you'd call it a trashing of the book. It depends on what the numismatist does with the coins.
  11. More on immigration and crime I found the article through this one, which is itself an interesting read full of links worth following.
  12. More for the Trump fans to deny and well-poison: To follow up, try
  13. The hits keep coming. Leftist bias, I know - who more so than National Review? - but still interesting reads.
  14. I haven't been following the current thread, but if it's about Trump (weirder things have happened) here's a story that will be of interest: