Ayn Rand's video

Gonzalo Jerez

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To find more of Rand and other Objectivists, go to www.objectivismstore.com or www.aynrandbookstore.com and search on "video" or "audio".

(Were you talking about Rand herself on tape? I've found her English hard to follow sometimes. On the other hand, French for me is easy to follow when somebody is speaking it with a foreign accent but impossible from native speakers.)


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Being truly, I have needed two times for understand that video.

When I converse with one friend who his father is French, I have more difficulties to understand him than understand English. I also know French. But at moment I can not think on French or English. I don´t know how to do this.

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I have a few audio files:

Interview w/ Rand (I think a radio interview)

Speech on Big Business

What is Capitalism? speech

Philosophy: Who Needs It? at Ford Hall Forum

...I think there are some other ones.

I will upload them if it's okay.

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