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My cousin has recently became an Ayn Rand fan (I talked him into read Fountainhead). Now, he wants more Objectivist works. I let him barrow a copy of Atlas Shrugged but he said it was too big. I gave him Anthem and he liked that... Now he is asking me if there is any Objectivists manga...

I have never read any manga so I can't tell him if there are any or not...

Any one know of any?

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Sorry that I can't help you, but your book-loaning story reminded me of another that I can't resist passing along. In the early 60s a reporter visited an NBI lecture in New York while doing a story on Rand and quoted one woman in the audience to another: "I loaned my copy of Atlas Shrugged to a friend, and I felt so awful that I bought it in paperback just to have it around the house."

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~ A 'manga' (or even 'anime') version of O'ist ideas?

~ I don't think such exists...yet.

~ He said that ATLAS SHRUGGED was...'too big'? Then he's really not 'ready' to learn about O'ism. When he finds comix lacking, then he might be ready...maybe. --- Liking a 'story' enough to want more of 'the same' isn't the same as needing to learn more about where the author's coming from in them.



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