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Dragonfly asked: Aren't there sport forums for stuff like this?

I know you were probably joking, but it got me wondering....

Do you guys want a sports forum on Objectivist Living? Another thread get sidetracked talking about sport shooting. If there is some real interest, we can start a sports forum.


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Why would Dragonfly be kidding? If his program does not allow him to enjoy sports then he is simply left out. That he may not enjoy, so he wishes the rest of us, who he thinks are programed to enjoy sports, to go elsewhere before we rub our ability to enjoy sports in his nose. We are saying that we have a better program than he does. Ha, Ha, Ha. Of course, it is more important that his program tells him that he and all of us are unable to control our thoughts, so it is his turn to laugh. Our programs are defective in that way because they delude us.

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