Barbara Branden, Robert Hessen and the 1998 Rand Auction

Michael Stuart Kelly

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A reminder as per my post #66: If you get a chance, search the CDROM of the Ayn Rand Letters from '73 forward for a reference to "Macy's" or "department store." Someplace -- I think in one of those Letters, though it could have been a Ford Hall Forum speech, but I think I read it not heard it -- Rand mentioned taking a visitor from Russia either to Macy's or to a similar store and the visitor's being overwhelmed by the plethora of items available for choosing from. My bet is that the visitor was Nora. (If the reference came earlier than about mid-'73, then the person couldn't have been Nora.)



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John Enright just provided me with a link to the Hoover Institution's announcement of Robert Hessen's passing. The write-up is worth reading. It brought words like honor and respect and appreciation to my mind.

Robert Hessen: September 1936 - April 15, 2024

Sadness is part of being human.

I feel human.


EDIT: Chris Sciabarra posted this on his blog:

Robert Hessen (1936-2024), RIP


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