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I love the remix.

It took out some of the dullness in the background mid frequencies of the original and allowed the pounding keyboard (which I am not fond of) to be just a bit less aggressive, a little bit less of a contrast to the world of the rest of the sounds. I can probably find other stuff if I go into it (I sense a slight more presence in Sheena's voice, for instance, maybe due to manipulating the frequencies, not increasing the volume), but just those two changes, which are subtle, not in your face, are great.

This, to me, enhanced the sense of wonder present in that song and arrangement.


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I woke up with “Steam Boat Annie’ in my head, but weirdly I was remembering “Steamboat Willy” as the lyrics. Feeling a wee bit nostalgic? Listen to Heart doing “Steam Boat Annie,” “These Dreams,” “What about Love” or “All I want to do is make love to you.”

Feel like rocking? Listen to Heart doing, “Magic Man,” “Crazy on you,” or “Barracuda.”  

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4 hours ago, Peter said:

Heart’s “Dreamboat Annie.” I just listened to it again. What wonderful harmonies. 

Great song!!!!!

How about Fleetwood Mac, Sara, Dreams and Rhiannon 

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