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God, King James et al: Old Notarized Statement

New Notarized Statement

Rand: We the Viable

The Spigot

Atlas Experienced a Muscle Spasm

Koestler: Partial Cloudiness at Noon

Orwell: Organic Vegetable and Animal Farm

Down and Out in Pinner and Shepherd's Bush

Drury Pickle and Protect

Embalm and Protect

Mortmain and Metastasize

These are fun. Beats counting sheep anyway.

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Lady Chatterley's Significant Other?

Tropic of Metastasis?

The Longest Diurnal Cycle?

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How about Operas?

The Digital Ornament of the Nibelung

The Singing Doctoral Candidates of Nuremberg

Ariadne auf Texas

Aida Too Much

Madame Butterball


And here's a favorite, courtesy of Thomas Pynchon. In the tradition of such operetta titles as Rand's favorite The Gypsy Princess:

The Burgher King

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On the Collector Lane

The Generator and the Glory


I am chagrined that you were able to work in Greene's greatest novel, especially after I spent no less than 45 seconds trying to come up with something myself.

Can we surmise that you came up with this thread having after read Christopher Hitchens' autobiography? If not, imagine he and his erudite pals engaging in late night, high level bathos while fully in the bag...

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