What's your favorite animated Disney movie?


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@Michael, agreed. Unf, it seems as though the great visionary work and quality established by Disney, since he has died, has waned. Sure they make some really good films here and there (more there than here) but the imagintive, pro-American drive isn't there, at least not as it used to be. The Disney of of today is a fading shadow of its former self. The Disney dream as envisioned by Walt died with Roy Disney. Beauty and the Beast, I thought, was their last GREAT animated flick, though some good ones came after.

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Schnei Weiss und der seiben kleiner maenner.

When I was a kid I used to have sexual fantasies about Snow.

Later I transferred them to Esmerelda and Pochahantis.

Ba'al Chatzaf

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I personally like a few Japanese Anime movies "Ninja Scrolls" and a few Tim Burton films. But Disney I usually watch with my kids. Out of them I liked Flushed Away, Nemo, and Monsters Inc. Wreck it Ralf was pretty cool too.

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What's everyone's all time favorite animated Disney movie?

Mine is Cinderella.

I want to see the one Disney never made: Esmerelda and Pochantas get it on. Woo hoo!

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