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  1. If only Barry Goldwater were elected president back in the day....sigh.....-that's back when Jews were still quasi-libertarian. My new voting strategy is such; if there are a Libertarian, Democrat, and Republican on a ballot (or any combo with a libertarian) i will vote for the libertarian, if not, I will vote for the Republican (or most libertarian/conservative candidate. The GOP is in a quandary right now (justifiably so), you have the Tea Party leg and the RINO leg, now is the battle over which will prevail.....hopefully the Tea Party.
  2. MEMO to the GOP: STOP playing nice! Now is the time to expose with full energy the tyrannical nihilism of the left and any milqtoast politicians (like Boehner) who can care less about what it really takes to maintain a free nation. You must be unapologetic defenders of individual rights and laissez-faire capitalism. Call out your opponent as the anti-liberty power grabbers they are. No more Mr. Nice Guy, now more than ever, is the time to stand for freedom!
  3. The GOP must be purged. This is the last election I will vote for a GOP milqtoast. No more closing my eyes and crossing my fingers. Interesting to note that Gary Johnson broke the record for most votes ever for a Libertarian Pres candidate (it's too bad his foreign policy is crazy).
  4. I agree Dennis, Glenn Beck has done an excellent and thorough job exposing Obama as the hard leftist he is.
  5. Just for fun, if Disney were still alive, and money wasn't an issue, where do you think he would build a 3rd Disney Park in the US? I was thinking Austin, TX. It's between California and Florida and it has the nice weather, too.-not too mention a business friendly environment. I do think that if he had lived longer that he would have eventually built another park. Anyhow, any other ideas on possible locations?
  6. You can't live anywhere else in that region without fear for your life for breaking some islamist rules/laws.
  7. William, that depends on the region. Obv. in the middle east it would be Israel.
  8. What IS good for the USA - other than Ron Paul and Gary Johnson?
  9. @Mark, you're exercising no context here. You want full perfection or nothing. Absurd. I know Israel is socialist, but so what? We are talking about comparative freedom based upon regions. Not a single damn muslim nation gets even close to the freedom, safety, or civility of Israel.
  10. Israel's politics are no worse than California's or New York's. They are the freest nation in the middle east and as such are a worthy ally of the USA. Or are you not worried by islam's tyranny and subjugation to sharia law...or worse?
  11. Americans are afraid, rightfully so, of a possible revolt by minorities. I highly recommend every person read "Mugged..." by Ann Coulter.