John Hospers on Ayn Rand (1996)

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A fascinating video. The comments at the end are especially touching.



Fascinating indeed. Thanks George for the post.

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I cracked open "Letters of Ayn Rand" again after many years to read her letters

to John Hospers. There is some of her best material in them, I think.

Sometimes exasperated, affectionate and complimentary, and often chiding to him - but

some very clear argumentation.

In this letter (Jan 3, 1961) a sign of things to come:

"But i know also that some part of your attack on our ["Nathan" and my] certainty and self-confidence

comes from modern philosophy, from its epistemological agnosticism. I know that this is a conflict within

you. [...]

You know I don't get hurt easily. Of all our many disagreements, this last issue HAS hurt me;

it implied your tolerance of and concern for any weakling's needs, ideas and interests, as against MINE;

it implied that they must be considered because they have not developed their minds, but I can claim

no consideration, because I HAVE. I FELT (and knew) that I was being penalized, not for a flaw, but for

a virtue - a very steady, patient virtue that has had to endure a great deal for a great many years,

without receiving any acknowledgment or any justice. Don't add to that kind of burden."

The last letter to him was April 29, 1961. However, it's little surprise he missed her,

and never forgot her.

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