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No one knows at the moment how the impeachment process will end up, though OL members will generally have in memory the Nixon and Clinton impeachment efforts for use in comparing and contrasting.  At the present moment, nose-counting wonks have counted noses,  providing spreadsheets of current House members who have indicated they support an impeachment inquiry. There is enough to agree articles of impeachment at last count -- if the process gets that far (see also the Politico breakdown of impeachment-supporters).

I'll add in links to extant discussion in varied front-page threads and beef up a rough timeline [over the next couple of days]. 

The so-called  whistleblower's "whistleblow" has been allowed to emerge in slightly redacted form -- Dated August 12, 2019:

-- this is what is being examined in the House right now. 

Previously ...

I'll ask that folks who may join in commentary here keep the personal insults to a minimum, if possible. Refer to the OL Posting Guidelines, please.

Keys to understanding what may come down the pike is ... what has come down the pike already. In other words, a list of names of interest from roughly 2014 until now.  Ukraine is at the nexus of the foreign-policy muddle between the United States and Russia.

Names and entities to keep track and/or place on a timeline range from (presidents) Yanukovych, Poroschenko, Zelenskyy to prosecutors-general Yarema, Shokin, Sevruk, Lutsenko. 

For a reminder of what Ukrainian corruption looks like, the palatial estate of former president Yanukovych, who fled the country during the showdown known as "Euromaidan."  


At the risk of alienating a few readers, I'll be referring to a few 'mistrusted' writers and outlets who have cobbled together various timelines and constellations of events. interpretations and spin.

Any timeline will be necessarily limited, but the simpler ones can be double-checked for factual, 'on the record' events.  There are a lot of factors to be accounted for, suggestions entertained and claims tested. 

The most expansive timelines will come after the first spate of tell-all books whose "pitches" will be landing on editors' desks this week.

An objectivist hierarchy of conceptual knowledge is more like a database than a list or timeline, maybe. This is kind of a first wrong stab at how various states could be tied to a index/timeline.

Open question:  how do you best organize 'what you know' or 'what is claimed' about the last five years of Ukrainian-USA-Russia-EU events?

          Foreign policy and corruption   Russian interests, actions, explanations
        Associated timeline of events      
Date Ukraine President Ukraine Prosecutor Person of interest Cases adjudicated, abandoned, avoided (in US and Ukraine Trump -- campaign actors / Ukraine policy Trump administration Ukraine policy  
    Cases of international significance.
Meetings, contact, employment, associated suspicions
        2012-2017 Manafort-Ukraine Manafort FARA    


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Nominated for best line on OL this year:

No one knows at the moment how the impeachment process will end up”



“Until computations are made, all we have are guesses.”

So cute.

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What happened at the Standard Hotel, L.A.?

They were caught in possession of quantities and type of acid used by hitmen to dissolve whole human bodies in a bathroom tub, pull the drain, away it goes. Balazs slipped out of that federal court case under mysterious circumstances.

People have “jumped off” the roof.

Its Manager and Treasurer were offed in a helicopter crash in 2017 or 2018.

Liddle Adam Schitt has multiple connections.

Owner Balazs is a super elite weirdo, member of Skull and Bones wannabe, Quill and Dagger. There is video online of his longtime girlfriend, Trump hater but I forget the creature’s name, she is swimming in a lake or the ocean beside a boat and on the boat is a man pissing into her mouth which she keeps open until he is finished.

Chelsea Handler,


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“Abused your position”

”incompatible with your duty”

The Constitution provides expulsion with 2/3rds vote of his House colleagues. Could Diddler be out on the street by next week?





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What is your position, Billy? That Soros spends his billions yet somehow is not ever behind anything, nowhere backing anything, never doing anything?

And who is the person in the video, your favorite patriot? I don’t think I have ever seen him before.

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On 9/26/2019 at 3:14 PM, Jon Letendre said:

What impeachment is all about is certain people are going down. They will be murdered after being arrested, just like Jeffrey. Attempt at impeachment (and much more nonsense on the way) is just them firing their weapons into the darkness of night. They have nowhere to go, no intelligent hand to play, they have no hope.

Trump is going to hold them there for weeks and let them act like the insane, cornered rabid rats that they are.

When the vast majority of people get it, things will happen to them.

Trump will not have to justify what happens to them, rather, the public will be demanding it.

Thanks, Billy, you got it right, this is the one I wanted star-badged

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I took my grandfather's book, "Impeachment, Trials & Errors" (1972) off the bookshelf. Irving Brant wrote it because his friend William O. Douglas was being threatened with Impeachment by Gerald Ford.

I don't have time to reread it now decades later, but recommend it for those more interested in the subject than I am today.


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8 hours ago, Jon Letendre said:

And who is the person in the video, your favorite patriot? I don’t think I have ever seen him before.


Turley is all right. A little over zealous at times, but he's OK.

He's part of the alt media, the folks that the authoritarian big tech, left and other anti-Trumpers now want to silence. Turley's got close to 200,000 subscribers on YouTube alone (that's 200,000 that's left after YouTube inadvertently removes a whole bunch "by mistake"). God knows what all's out there on other platforms. If you take Turley and multiply by thousands if not tens of thousands of other mini-stars of political commentators, that's what the alt media really is. And it scares the shit out of the legacy ruling class. They can't control it. They don't have anything audience-wise that touches this group. They're trying to stop it, but this is America. When you manage to stomp down one thing, ten more pop up. And in the Internet world, things grow fast.

I saw the video. Run of the mill George Soros is a globalist stuff. Well... Soros is a globalist. :)  I think this guy also does alternative medicine, which I imagine is the reason William posted the video. The idea is that all people who mess with alternative medicine are quacks and anything they say is worthless. The trouble is, so many in the alt media get gigantic audiences. In order to explain that, the people who are against this have to think the American public in general is constituted of gullible retards and thank goodness the disdainers are of a superior sort... you know, the kind that needs, nay, is compelled by conscience goddamit, to take care of the gullible retards, poor things... so why not give all the political power to their betters? And an enormous amount of personal power over the daily lives of the poor things, too? Hmmmmm? 

For funding, call Uncle George...


There's been some collective fakes news media yapping these days to defend Soros (notice how all of them use the same wording?). The propaganda message is to pretend Soros doesn't fund activism and shady shit--which is kinda hard seeing how much activism and shady shit he is on record funding. And, of course, he would never fund anything against President Trump. Oooooooo nooooooooo... that would never happen...


As usual, here on OL, since Soros is recently being defended out there, he is being defended in here.

Badda bing, badda boom.


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And if people don't like Turley to show the Soros connection in this impeachment mess, including the Biden corruption, how about we let Rudy Giuliani explain the Soros connection?

This whole thing is starting to give me hope that George Soros is going to face some serious setbacks--official government setbacks--in the US.



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Here's a quick audio-tweet of the alternative-media fellow called Josh Bernstein.  He calls for torturing traitorous Democrats. I mean, why not?


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You think there is an impeachment inquiry going on in the House of Representatives right now, don't you?


There is no impeachment inquiry. There are no subpoenas.

You are not to be faulted if you think a formal inquest is under way and that legal process has been issued.The misimpression is completely understandable if you have been taking in media coverage.

The House has not voted as a body to authorize an impeachment inquiry. What we have are partisan theatrics, proceeding under the ipse dixit of Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.). It raises the profile, but not the legitimacy, of the same “impeachment inquiry” House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler (D-N.Y.) previously tried to abracadabra into being without a committee vote.

Moreover, there are no subpoenas. As Secretary Pompeo observed in his fittingly tart response on Tuesday, what the committee chairmen issued was merely a letter. Its huffing and puffing notwithstanding, the letter is nothing more than an informal request for voluntary cooperation. Legally, it has no compulsive power. If anything, it is rife with legal deficiencies.

The Democrats, of course, hope you don’t notice that the House is not conducting a formal impeachment inquiry. They are using the guise of frenetic activity by several standing committees — Intelligence, Judiciary, Foreign Affairs, Oversight and Reform, Financial Services, and Ways and Means — whose normal oversight functions are being gussied up to look like serious impeachment business.

But standing committees do have subpoena power, so why not use it? Well, because subpoenas get litigated in court when the people or agencies on the receiving end object. Democrats want to have an impeachment show — um, inquiry — on television; they do not want to defend its bona fides in court.

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The last vote related to impeachment was in July when 60% of Democrats voted for not one more word of impeachment ever again on the floor of the legislative body they control.

Some have since chosen to conduct a make-believe process that is not legal.

Rudy’s lawyer’s letter today to Liddle’Diddler and friends:



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The usual suspects are having multiple impeachgasms** over the testimony of former Ambassador to Ukraine Bill Taylor, who was on Capitol Hill yesterday. The full text of his opening statement is available here. Bear in mind that White House press secretary Grisham has included Taylor as among the 'radical unelected bureaucrats waging war on the constitution.'



i44.jpgshare.png New York Times:
Ukraine Knew of Aid Freeze by August, Undermining Trump Defense  —  Top officials were told in early August about the delay of $391 million in security assistance, undercutting a chief argument President Trump has used to deny any quid pro quo.  —  KIEV, Ukraine — To Democrats …
i38.jpgshare.png John Wagner / Washington Post:
Live updates: House Republicans barge into secure room, disrupt planned testimony in Trump impeachment inquiry  —  A group of House Republicans barged into a secure room at the Capitol on Wednesday where the latest witness in the Democrat-led impeachment inquiry was set to testify, temporarily shutting down the proceedings.
share.png Associated Press:
Ukrainian leader felt Trump pressure before taking office  —  KYIV, Ukraine (AP) — More than two months before the phone call that launched the impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump, Ukraine's newly elected leader told advisers he was worried about pressure from the U.S. president to investigate Democrat Joe Biden.
share.png Peter Baker / New York Times:
An Envoy's Damning Account of Trump's Ukraine Pressure and Its Consequences
share.png ABC News:
The Note: GOP weariness grows as Trump defenses give way
i56.jpgshare.png Melanie Zanona / Politico:
Impeachment deposition delayed after Republicans storm proceedings  —  Dozens of House Republicans on Wednesday stormed the secure facility inside the Capitol where impeachment investigators have been deposing witnesses, forcing a delay to the proceedings on the heels of damning new revelations …
i48.jpgshare.png Zachary Basu / Axios:
House Republicans storm closed impeachment hearing in protest  —  More than a dozen House Republicans attempted to force entry Wednesday into the closed-door hearing where Laura Cooper, deputy assistant secretary of defense, is scheduled to testify in the impeachment inquiry into President Trump and Ukraine.
i11.jpgshare.png QU Poll:
Release Detail  —  October 23, 2019 - Approval Of Impeachment Inquiry Reaches 55 Percent, Quinnipiac University National Poll Finds; Voters Disapprove Of Trump's Decision On Syria 2-1  —  Approval among American voters of the U.S. House impeachment inquiry, an inquiry to determine whether …
i32.jpgshare.png Jonathan Allen / NBC News:
Will Trump shut down the government to fight impeachment?  —  Analysis: Washington is bracing for the prospect that president may seek to let funding lapse in a bid to blame Democrats.  —  WASHINGTON — Impeachment, meet government shutdown.  —  With funding for federal operations set to expire Nov. 21 …

† -- 


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