Atlasphere Interviews Aglialoro on Atlas Shrugged Movie!

Ed Hudgins

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Atlasphere Interviews Aglialoro on Atlas Shrugged Movie!

Our friends at the Atlasphere have published an excellent interview with John Aglialoro, an Atlas Society trustee who, for nearly two decades, has been attempting to produce a movie of Atlas Shrugged, Ayn Rand's magnum opus. Now part one of a planned trilogy is slated to hit the theaters in the first part of 2011.

In the Atlasphere interview you can read about what inspired John to see the project through to completion, the differences between the screenplay that was just filmed and the earlier drafts, and details about the filming of the movie.

You can get more behind-the-scenes insights, hear a discussion about the social importance of Atlas Shrugged, meet the producer himself, and be part of a cultural happening when John speaks at "Atlas Shrugged: The Making of a Movie," in New York City on the evening of December 7. He will be joined by members of the cast and production team, Atlas Society founder David Kelley, and the Wall Street Journal's Steve Moore. He'll also be showing a ten-minute clip from the film.

You can read the interview on the Atlasphere and find information about the December event and register to attend at The Atlas Society website.

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