Situational ethics?


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Well I for one am not happy because I had Manila and 45 points!


swearing off betting on the HS game of the week

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I don't get it, if you had 45 points then you came out ahead.

Let me guess, Gulch lent you his whipped cream dispenser...



I am an idiot, I meant I gave 45 points!

Thanks. ND. It has been a very very long day!

Dealing with a new client's problem with the child Nazi's in Rhode Island's DCYF Dept. [Department of Children, Youth and Families].


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Whaaat! You took a (as it happened) perfectly judged 45-point spread bet, and they pull a fast one?

Talk about gerrymandering. It was a good metaphor for State interference in the market, though.

Your bookie must be having a chuckle.


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