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Hi, all. I am new here. I came to this group because I am creating a peaceful, non-religious based, non-judgmental community here in NM and I am so disillusioned by other groups out there who accuse me of "advertising" because I offer to have people join me. And worse than that, I don't give it away for free! Value for Value? "Heavens, no!" So, based on my limited understanding of Objectivism based on Atlas Shrugged, I figured this group would be intelligent enough and tolerant enough that I can discuss my ideas and perhaps find others of like mind.

Please tell me if I am wrong! LOL

Peace to all,


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Welcome to OL ;)

By community, do you mean a group to hang out with, or an actual commune where people live together on a piece of property? I ask, because if it's the latter, it's an interesting endeavor. Nicholas Dykes has a book out in where he has the beginnings of a community on private property. Interesting idea.

Anyway, dig in and fill up. Plenty here to keep you busy, and plenty of minds to interact with as well.

~ Shane

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I'd like to see whatever you're willing to tell us. The people here are peaceful and non-religious but quite judgemental in both the good and bad senses. In the good sense, we'd leave our neighbors alone because we'd be pretty selective as to whom we'd invite into a new, deliberately-formed community. In the bad sense, some of us would be easy to dislike as neighbors.

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