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For those over 50 looking to increase their fitness, check out Stallone's book, "Sly Moves". He wrote it in 2005.

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That was great.

Without stirring Riggenbach to apoplexy by poking him with a sharp stick, I'd like to say that one of the things I've always liked about Sly is his underlying intelligence. The slyness, if you will. He can be quite witty when he doesn't have to be Rambo.

I wish I remembered the movie, but he did a romantic comedy type film only once. And he was quite good at it. Less the macho action hero than a remarkably intelligent, quite verbal and slick Cary Grant-like sophisticated and clever character.

But can you guess how the critics reacted???? That's right. He has *never* tried that since.

Just stick to your knitting, we've got you typecast and don't wanna think about it any more, Slurred Speech Proletarian Muscles Raw Eggs-And-Machine Gun boy!

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