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They license their forum software from the same company we do, so they probably are frustrated with the fact that with each upgrade, all the customizations go out the window. Some of the customizations are really hard to put back, even if you keep meticulous notes. It seems with each upgrade, the php loops (and files and folders) multiply by the hundreds. So the OO people use the default skin, like we do.

Notice that they have chat. The person who does their webmastering stuff got in touch with Kat (then me) a while back to see if we wanted to set up chat and offering to help. We actually do, but later. (We have a few reasons, starting with wanting to implement a good structure for this.)

I was surprised he got in touch, but he was a very nice guy. I don't recall his name right now, and I'm too lazy to look it up in my other email account where we communicated. But I will if it becomes an issue.


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