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Today I saw a wonderful film on tv: Microcosmos. It's a film about BUGS, so it's a must for dragonflies and cockroaches! But it's so good that even bug haters love the film, see for example the reviews on Amazon. Now some time ago I saw some documentaries about insects on the National Geographic Channel; the contrast couldn't have been greater. The NGC films have also great insect shots, but these are continuously alternated with shots of people who can't talk normally and behave like idiots, and sometimes with people who do talk normally but then the camera is moving fast around, creating a dizzying effect as if we're watching an accelerated version of Las Vegas at night. It's so horribly dumbing down, the idea is apparently that the kids might be bored stiff if your film isn't noisy and jumping around. Then Microcosmos is a revelation, hardly any text, the images speak for themselves, and they are great. There is a love scene between two snails that is more moving than anything that Hollywood has produced in that department. But there are also quite comic scenes, for example that of a dung beetle that like a real Sisyphus is trying to push a dung ball uphill and when it's nearly at the top of the hill topples down, complete with dung ball, or a ladybug that is launched from a blad of grass by a falling raindrop. Then there are two processions of caterpillars head to tail like two queues of cars that try to join to form one queue and where right of way seems to be problematic. As some of the reviewers said, once you're watching the film you don't want to miss any moment of it. I've immedately ordered the DVD of this film. Highly recommended!

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Microcosmos is the movie I was talking about on your Bread and Butterfly thread. I misgave the name -- couldn't remember off hand if it was titled Microcosm or Microcosmos and opted for the wrong spelling.

Glad you liked it. ;-) I thought you would.



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