Landscape with a Modern Edge, Santa Monica Oct. 17


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Hefferlin, Fort Apache Reservation, 2009, oil on archival board

Melissa Hefferlin has a fanciful style of art in which she combines observations of reality and visual fantasy. She always makes us aware of the texture of her mark making, whether it involves oil or pastel. She creates powerful compositions by her use of patterns or rhythms of objects. For example, notice the two narrow, horizontal bands that create the plateaus in Fort Apache Reservation.

Contrasting and complimentary bold colors complete her truth to both what works for the canvas and what you can find, if you look for it, in reality. I hazard that Paul Gauguin and Georgia O'Keeffe, with their surreal other worldliness, serve as her influences.

The feature article on Melissa Hefferlin, Telling Stories Based on Dreams, Experiences, and Friendships, was recently published in the June 2009 issue of American Artist magazine.

Fort Apache Reservation and 3 other works will be featured in the group show, Landscape with a Modern Edge, October 17th at the Newberry Gallery in Santa Monica.

Michael Newberry

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