Glimpses of you

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Glimpses of you

I’ve sensed you all my earthly years,

Don’t ask me how I knew,

I’ve watched the wide world spinning

With countless signs of you.

I’ve loved you as an angel

Who never could be true.

I’ve seen so many glimpses

And countless signs of you.

Harsh plights have caused me heartaches

And often I withdrew.

That angel then would call me back

By countless signs of you.

In wars where I’ve surrendered,

When shame would have to do,

I’ve charged back into battle

Bearing countless signs of you.

And when my soul’s been weary

And love had turned taboo

I’ve overcome my apathy

Through countless signs of you.

You’re part of all I treasure,

And I’ll live my whole life through

With gratitude for finding joy

In those countless signs of you.

For Katherine Lynne Wheeler, my beloved fiancée

December 10, 2005

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Wow, that was so beautiful, the most beautiful thing in the world. It brought me tears of joy and I don't know what to say, so I will just purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

I love you, Michael.


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I love you, too, Michael -- and you, too, Kat. :-)

You guys are awesome in your sweetness and affection for each other, and in your pride at sharing it with the rest of us.

It's good to see a love that "dare speak its name."

Best wishes (looks like you already have good premises :-)


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Thank you so much and much love back at you.

(btw - I received the CD. Wonderful. You really took me back to trombone. I am going to do a small review of it here on OL.)


Thank you for that. I don't know how your love life is going, but you have all my best wishes for finding the happiness Kat and I have. It is worth much more than every single heartache I have ever experienced in the past to get to this point. Kat's one hell of a woman!


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It is fun watching you enjoy each other so much. How much better life would be if more people enjoyed other people in general more than they do. The universe would be more benevolent then.

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Michael, I just saw this and it brought tears to my eyes. A great poem is one that is universal, captures an emotion (or state or event or perspective) with economy, precision, and grace. This poem does all of these things and, if you someday publish it somewhere where it can gain traction and be seen, will over time become a treasured classic. It's that good.

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Charles, thank you for the sentiment. Kat and I are very much in love and we love sharing the good vibes.

Barbara, I value your private praise to me so highly that I did not even notice that you did not post it. Thank you so much.

Phil, I am highly flattered by your words. Thank you. I put extremely high value on the tears, though. I am pleased beyond words that I touched you. No writer could ask for more.


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