Update to Atlas Shrugged


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It's all right as a satire. The more prudish people will not like it, but I have seen worse on TV.

The more people talk about Atlas Shrugged, even when they make satires of it, the better it is for the culture. The ideas are spreading.


It brought a smile... ;)

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I think it really funny and perfect for some of my young testosterone flushed recruits.


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  • 11 months later...

He stood and adjusted his suit jacket so that his body didn't betray his shameful weakness. He walked toward her and sat informally on the edge of her desk. "Why make a product when you can make dollars? Right this second, I'm earning millions in interest off money I don't even have."

Oh, yes, that sounds EXACTLY like something Hank Rearden would say.

If these miserable little communists want to make fun of ATLAS SHRUGGED, the least they could do is read the damned novel first so they can understand what it is that they're ridiculing.

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