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Index to Articles by Author posted on Objectivist Living

Here is an index by author to the articles that are on Objectivist Living. They are organized by member groups alphabetically. (work in progress)


Michael Stuart Kelly

Thoughts on the 12 Steps and Self-Forgiveness

Why the Tolerance and Support?

Atlantis in the Wilderness

A Hunting Story

Moral Perfection

Like a Lamb to the Slaughter

Letter to Madalena ... An Homage to the Value of Valuing

Going Home... A Few Thoughts on Family Values

Where Principles and Rights Break Down

The Stigma of Addiction

Book Review on an Addiction Fraud - A Million Little Pieces

Charmed on a Raw Night

The Nature of Private Written Correspondence – The Sciabarra Smear

Online Objectivist Mediocrity

The Ayn Rand Love/Hate Myth

The Ayn Rand Love/Hate Myth - Part 2 - Moral Ambivalence

The Ayn Rand Love/Hate Myth - Part 3 - Brotherhood of Hate

The Ayn Rand Love/Hate Myth - Part 4 - Rand's True Value


The Virtue of Silliness (w/MSK)


VIP Members

Barbara Branden

The Lepers of Objectivism

Thoughts On Aging

Enough is Enough!

Objectivism's Plague

Objectivism and Rage

The Passion of Barbara Branden

The Psychology of Suicide Bombers

Who is Michael Stuart Kelly?

The Moral Antagonism of Capitalism and Socialism (1959)

Capitalism and Religion (1962)

Barbara Branden Reviews

(Reviews of books and movies that were published in The Objectivist Newsletter, The Objectivist, Academic Associates’ Book News, and Libertarian Review, between 1962 and 1975)

Planned Chaos by Ludwig von Mises (January 1962, Objectivist Newsletter)

The Roosevelt Myth by John T. Flynn (December 1962, Objectivist Newsletter

The True Believer by Eric Hoffer (Summer 1969, Academic Associates Book News #1)

The Art of Making Sense by Lionel Ruby (Fall 1969, AABN #2)

The Greek Experience by C. M. Bowra (Holiday 1969, AABN #3)

Thinking as a Science by Henry Hazlitt (Holiday 1969, AABN #3)

Chinatown & Deathwish in “Cinema in Review” (October 1974, Libertarian Review)

Obedience to Authority by Stanley Milgram (October 1975, Libertarian Review)

Ed Hudgins

The Pope vs. Islam: Who Stands for Reason?

Happy Labor Day - We're All Workers!

Gustav Mahler’s Second and Eighth Symphonies

Starbucks' Fat Cup of Trouble

"Atlas" Movie One Step Closer! THE INSIDE SCOOP

Why We Give Gifts

Policing Phone Calls and Perverting Principles

Birthday Blips: Are Americans Really Free & Equal?

A Cool Capitalist

Atlas Forced into Early Retirement

The Public Side of Private Love

Every Day a New Year

Saddam Hussain's Execution


Objectivist Living History Project

(Compiled by Roger Bissell and posted on Objectivist Living with Authors' permission)

Nathaniel Branden

Nathaniel Branden's Reviews from The Objectivist Newsletter, The Objectivist, Academic Associates' Book News, Books for Libertarians, Libertarian Review, Reason, etc.

John Hospers

Ayn Rand's Philosophical Significance – Reason Papers no. 23 (1998)

John Hospers Reviews

John Hospers on Chamber Music

John Hospers on Orchestral Music

John Hospers on Choral Music

John Hospers on Song, Opera, and Oratorio

Hospers on Copland, Lang, Machlis, etc. – Reviews of Music Appreciation Books



Roger Bissell

Up from Despair--Becky and Me

An Epiphany

Libertarianism, Objectivism, and Rage (Rpt on BB's talk)

Dialectics: Guardian of Logic

Mistaken Identity: Long’s Conflation of Dialectics and Organicism

Comments on ch. 13 of Ayn Rand: the Russian Radical (1996)

Ayn Rand: Dialectical Objectivist


Dialectical Objectivism? A review of Chris M. Sciabarra's Ayn Rand: the Russian Radical

The Virtue of For the New Intellectual

Brother- and Sisterhood

Objective Self-Awareness as the Root of Wisdom

Who Qualifies as being an Objectivist

How to Improve Objectivism

Comments on Rand's "The Age of Envy" in re the Frozen Abstraction fallacy

Why Union Scale is Killing Our Work

AESTHETICS " give us Ayn Rand faithfully..." a critical note on the Boeckmann transcript

Art as Microcosm: The Real Meaning of the Objectivist Concept of Art

Objectivism and gender-neutral language

Writing About The News For Students

Religious Addiction

A Higher Power for Atheists and Agnostics (1989)

Conditional Morality and Rational (?) Enablement

The Intelligent Design Controversy in the Libertarian-Objectivist Media



Charles Anderson

The Virtues of Benevolence and Tolerance

Benevolence:People as Tolerance:Ideas

Freedom of Conscience

Respect for the Value of Other Thinking Men

The Individuality of a Thinking Human Being

Rational Men Must Be Tolerant of Others

The Complexity of Reality

Phil Coates

The Hostage Principle


The Analytic-Synthetic Dichotomy

Rich Engle

Mortality and the Rituals of Infinity

The New Year: How I Saw Ritual Trump Resolution

The Challenge of Understanding Mysticism

Eudamonist (Mark)

The Cosmos Is Not Enough

Prometheus Unbound

Dennis Hardin

An Objectivist Retrospective

Paul Kay

An Atheist's Journey to Self-Esteem

James Kilbourne

The Prevailing Wisdom versus the Truth

The Meaning of Heroes

Immigration - Will the Republican Party Self Destruct?

Facing the Final Music

The Glory of Being Human

Paul Mawdsley

Synthesizing Two Epistemological Orientations

Objectivist Ethics, the Empathic Perspective and Manners

Authentic and Civil Objectivist Living in a Social World

God, Euclidian Geometry, and the Church of Ayn Rand

Victor Pross

Follow the Leader!, Caricature of Lindsay Perigo

The Hungry Artist

The Hungry Artist - Chapter 1

Lenny Bruce: A First Amendment Hero!

Caricature: Exploring the Light Side

Caricature: Exploring the Dark Side

A Simple, Simple Philosophy of Love and Appreciation

The Dire Search for Meaning and Purpose in a Finite Life

Objectivist Romantics, Individualism and Selfish Relationships

Humor, Satire and Caricature in Visual Art: It’s a Serious Matter

Art and a Sense of Life

The Hatred of Objectivism is the Hatred of Objectivity

Objectivism amidst the Modern Anti-reason Climate

The Age of SO WHAT?

Fred Seddon

Summer Vacation with Leonard Peikoff

Book Review: Essays on Ayn Rand's We the Living, edited by Robert Mayhew

Review of Ayn Rand Contra Human Nature


Finding myself and atheism

Choosing Happiness

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Kat, a great idea! It's had two effects on me already: I see a lot of articles I want to read; and I want to contribute more. I work a lot better in an organized environment. It took me a long time to discover that. I tend to be a little distractable. For me, focus and discipline are an act of will, not a natural inclination. Thanks for assisting my will.


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Thanks for the index. It is a good idea.

Two of my articles are not yet on your list. These are:

The Virtues of Benevolence and Tolerance

Benevolence:People as Tolerance:Ideas

Now, to date no one has commented on these two articles. I viewed my earlier articles as developments of my ideas and perspectives leading to these two articles. I thought those earlier articles were useful in that just as I needed to develop my perspective to be able to write the last two articles, they would be useful background and might help others to develop a shared perspective, so that these last two articles I wrote would have the proper context for my readers. Somehow, they have had the lowest readership, possibly because they are at the end of the line. Maybe, the total effort to read the entire set is too great. I admit that I have yet to find the time to read many articles by others that I would like to read myself.

But, it is these two articles that I have most hoped to have feedback about!

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Charles: "But, it is these two articles that I have most hoped to have feedback about!"

Charles, sometimes when I see a fairly lengthy article that looks interesting, I decide to wait until I have a bit more time before reading it and responding. That's the case with your two articles. It's most definitely not lack of interest.


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I do understand! I have hopes of finding the time to read many of the articles here myself. Some that I have read, I have not responded to since I did not have enough time to do them justice or justice to my comments.

I really appreciate your interest. Exchanging ideas with you is a great thrill. It does not hurt that you are what an angel ought to be, not perfect, but genuinely good.

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