Taxation on income is immoral and un-Constitutional, right?


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Hey Michael S.K. -

This thread has just re-activated, and you had some interesting comments in it regarding taxation and human nature. I agree with what you're saying about balance. I'd like to offer some comments and see what you think:

I've felt there are at least two realms of human morality: individual rights (behavior) and relationship responsibilities (feelings).

The government's responsibility is individual rights, and society's responsibility is to deal with relationships (think high school peers)

The government necessarily punishes violations of taxes, etc. through incarceration and fines, which are punishments geared against rights. Therefore, it is unbalanced to condone a government that expects the individual to pay taxes for social/relational responsibilities, yet who punishes through a different realm of morality (individual rights).

Therefore, both individual and social rights cannot both be handled through our current conceptualization of government. Those in government I believe fail to note that these moral realms and responsibilities are distinct.


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