Archiving PMs - Question

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My PM boxes are headed toward full, and I experimented with the "Archive" feature, trying to test it with a few PMs first.

I gave the following instructions:

Send 5 messages from my "Sent" box, 365 days or earlier, in HTML format -- and answer "No" to "Delete messages?" I was "told" by the program software that an email had been sent to me with the indicated PMs. That was yesterday about this time of day. Still haven't received such an email.

Did I do something wrong in the settings?



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While my PM boxes are not yet full, I tried this feature too. I got the email almost immediately, but the attachment was for some reason not decoded by my email program, so I got a long list of meaningless characters. I tried both the html and the xls version, but they gave both unreadable results.

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