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I just got this new computer, and the text on everything is too damn small. I don't want to go blind faster than I already know I am. LOL. I changed the settings on my computer, but the text is still too small (the same size it was before) on OL. How do I change this? :)

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I adjusted my computer text size, and it's a good size. I also went into my browser and changed the text size to 'largest', but it's still tiny on here and some other websites.


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Start > Control Panel > Display > Settings tab > adjust resolution

Try adjusting your display resolution. Go to the Start button and select Display from control panel. The higher your resolution, the smaller your type is on screen because it is displaying more pixels on the screen. You can adjust this in the settings tab. I looked at the various skins and changing them did not seem to affect the type size on OL aside from the PDA skin, which makes it slightly smaller. Also adjusting size in the appearance tab did not affect OL.


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Holy crap! Thanks, Kat! Gigantic :)

EDIT: Actually, the screen is all stretched out now...so it's small and stretched...LOL.

(Mike; Internet Explorer right now, but am going to download Mozilla...'cause IE just sucks)

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