'Inbox' e-m reply probs

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~ I cannot send any 'reply' from my Inbox. I'm sure it's a firewall prob on my end which I don't know how to fix, hence, don't bother checking. This prob limits the length of my posts (hence 'Addendums') and I'm sure it's the cause of my e-m reply prob.

~ If you can forward the following to Barbara Branden who is wondering why I don't 'reply' to her suggestions about my difficult-to-read-postings: -> "I understand; no offense; some others have said similar; am still working on it." <- --- I'd elaborate, but, I'm nearing my single post limit-length of sendability.

~ This is my 2nd attempt at sending this...shorter version from last time. Quirky.



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You may want to archive your messages. The limit for personal messages is around 200. This includes sent and received messages. If your mailbox is at capacity, delete the ones you don't want and send an archive to yourself including the ones you do want to save. If you have responded to PMs and the full text is quoted in the message, you may only want to save the most recent message. I can't tell you if your firewall is the problem, but it may be the reason that your computer hangs when you send or submit things. As always, copy your text before sending just so you don't lose your work during transmission.



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