Abortion: Pro and Con


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I am not anti-abortion. I am not pro-abortion either. Aborting a fetus is a rather serious decision that the woman carrying the fetus must make.

I can think of only two grounds on which abortion can be justified.

1. Self defense. The woman's life/health are in danger if the pregnancy is continued.

2. Disposal of property. I consider fetuses as property, since they are not yet persons.

Other folks have different opinions and judgments on the issue.

Lay on McDuff and whoever else wishes to.

Ba'al Chatzaf

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Interesting thing to say about not being pro abortion but not being anti abortion either. Just because you don't consider abortion immoral doesn't mean that you want every prego to go get one. :lol:

Not at all. As a generality I would not advocate abortion. However in some circumstances it may be the best thing to do. It depends on the circumstances and conditions surrounding each case. I would not advocate that every pregnant woman get an abortion. If such were done, the human race would soon cease to exist.

Most people take reproduction seriously and the decision to abort should not be arrived out without careful thought.

Ba'al Chatzaf

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