Albert Einstein: Genius.

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Ellen--That quote doesn't say she didn't have suspicions about the theory as a scientific theory.

Ergo, so we can therefore assume that she did have 'suspicions'? :turned: And I’m supposed to be swayed by your—not second-hand account—but third-hand account—that she did looked down on Einstein? Hmm? No, sorry. :)

Victor, what you assume and are "swayed by" is your concern, not mine. Nor did I use the phrasing "looked down on Einstein." What I said was that I don't think Einstein was an intellectual hero of hers. Obviously, she did look down on him outside the scientific area. Quoted passages from the CD-ROM confirm this. As to whether or not she had suspicions about the theoretical bases of special (and/or general) relativity, unless there's something in print which clearly contradicts the reports I heard -- which apparently there isn't, judging from the CD-ROM items -- I shall continue to rely for my opinion on my own sources.



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Vic, Addendum:

~ Of course, how you regard *my* (or, any others') 'opinion' is up to you. You, and only you (which applies to ALL readers of this thread), as I, and others, make...a choice...about who/what to regard, specifically or generally, re whatever subject, as a worthwhile (one of my favorite words, as I pointed out in my profile in RoR) 'source' of data, info, and/or truths to accept without questioning unless there's 'reason' to question such.

~ If Rand, bottom-line, didn't like Al, so what? Her mistake, no? Like, in this forum, this wouldn't be the 1st harped on, right?



PS: Re Al's wife: yes, more than 1 article has been written on her and him and her 'place' re his theories. I'm sure she was a worthwhile 'sounding board' a few of his close friends were. But they didn't correct Newton re Mercury's expected time of observation; only he did, showing us all how to land on the moon...without missing it.

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Hi John,

You're a good guy, John. I like you. I think we are mostly on the same page whenever we converse about either art or Einstein, and when I respond...well, my post will speaks for itself—and if no response from me, that could be a sign that I am pleased with what you have to say and take a back seat to enjoy it. :turned:


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[ "Mileva was more of an intellect in her own right ..."]

I appreciate your response but you did not indicate that you actually saw the PBS piece which was compelling and did suggest that certain crucial ideas were hers and that there was documentation to that effect.

I think we will have to agree to disagree on this. Actually I do not know what the truth is. I would like to see the show again and try to find the sources mentioned. The show does not seem to have had any impact and I believe that Einstein's reputation will continue to stand as the originator of the Theory of Relativity.

I have always admired him but I will go on thinking that his wife may have been more than just a catalyst to his thinking on the subject. If she did have the idea first than she would be another woman deserving sympathy for not getting the credit she may have deserved. We may never know the truth on this one.

I suppose that in the absence of evidence to the contrary we do have reason to believe that Einstein was the originator of the Theory. The PBS thing did put a doubt in my mind as it dramatized an alternative to what everone believes. Their dramatization may not be correct I agree. But still...?


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~ I also had seen the PBS spec...a while ago. It DID raise some interesting questions, yet...

~ I've enjoyed PBS going back before VCRs were around. Prob is, over the years I've seen them turn into a TV version of NPR. Consider its new 'America at the Crossroads' series for this year. A show commissioned for the series was dropped due to difficulty of agreeing on the meaning of 'moderate' vs 'radical' Muslims. I don't have the news links, but, it was ostensibly about why 'moderates' aren't heard from much in the media. The dropped creator argued that it was a political-correctness agenda avoiding (afraid of?) identifying 'radicals' as dangerous.

~ And, it's long been a very 'pc' agenda to play up a 'minority' at the expense of any old 'dead white man' raising questions merely for the pure hypotheticalness of such based on 3-rd hand gossip.

~ O-t-other-hand, maybe Einstein was nothing more than a math-hack plagiarist. R-i-g-h-t.



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