From Fox news: Five ways Ayn Rand predicted America's political crises

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Author, philosopher and libertarian thinker Ayn Rand, writing mostly in post-war America, predicted with remarkable accuracy many of the social crises...


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I wish Fox News would make up its mind.


But I'm glad someone over there is writing about Rand.


btw - When I lived in Brazil, I had a subscription to The Ayn Rand Letter. I watched and read Ayn Rand making these arguments (and many others) right as they came out in the Letter.

What's more, during part of that time, I lived in a country home in the mountains near São Paulo (a beautiful little town called Itapecerica da Serra). I loved to look out at the stars through the living room window at night. Some of those times I would read Rand's newest Letter doing just that.

I also remember being anxious when the mail got late. :) Or worse, when Rand herself got late there at the end.


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