The Ayn Rand Institute Does Not Speak for Ayn Rand


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Excellent article by Susan Hanson over at American Thinker:
The Ayn Rand Institute Does Not Speak for Ayn Rand

One small correction:  In the immigration debate – a very friendly debate – between Yaron Brook and Leonard Peikoff, Peikoff eventually capitulated – totally – to Brook on the issue.  The author’s “[They] had a debate about their disagreement about immigration” period, is incomplete.

Naturally I was disappointed that she made no reference to

On the Yaron Brook Show of 30 August 2020 he spoke of how depressing things were and that (52:34):

“... there’s this article about how I don’t speak for Ayn Rand and I, I, you know, I, I, I, you know, [burbling]— misinterpreting what I say, taking me completely out of context, um, and taking Ayn Rand out of context, all of that just adds up to making it difficult to get motivated to continue.”

Poor put upon Yaron.


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A good reminder of Rand's meanings of "rightist" and "leftist"; confirms my impression of Rand's regular castigation of conservatism - was because she expected much more of conservatives and nominal capitalists.

As for the Left, well they are beyond the pale (her probable thinking). A nuance perhaps not recognized by ARIans, giving them license to dismiss conservatives and flirt with the Left.

No worries, Mark, I'd say your ARIWatch remains the definitive, comprehensive (and entertaining) source for Objectivists wishing to kick the Institutional dependency and go it alone.

(For their lecture series ARI offers value, imo. Translating the ideas to contemporary events - more often fitting events into the ideas - they haven't been very successful or disastrously wrong, and should stick to what they do best).

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