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Bill in Blue

Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer'sss Billllllllllllieeeeeeeeeee!


This is a real painting in the real Jeffrey Epstein's mansion. Rush Limbaugh explains the details.

Epstein’s Tribute to Bill

For humor, since this is a humor thread, I think this painting needs a caption.

So please show us your stuff.

What caption would you give this painting?

Also, as added fun, there is the equivalent of a meme factory running wild out thar' in the Interwilds.

Maybe you can find one, too.

For example:

Image may contain: 2 people


Bring it on...


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How thick skinned would you need to be to soundly sleep on a bed of twigs? The picture shows how elitist and insulated the "in crowd" thinks they are. They rule. They can do whatever their perverted minds want. You will obey. They can sleep on a bed of twigs with teen girls if they want and you will "shut the hell up," or be investigated by the FBI, otherwise known as the investigative arm of the Progressive Party. 

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