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Found 8 results

  1. Epstein Finally Gets Legally Ensnared for Human Trafficking of Kids Finally. Jeffrey Epstein Arrested for Sex Trafficking of Minors Now if they will keep going and get Epstein's cohorts and customers, too. Then maybe we will start to put a real dent in the Deep State's covert power--and the Clinton machine for that matter. Let's see what happens. Michael
  2. It's Hillary Clinton's Turn -- Ditto for Her Machine Finally, the dirt is coming out. Hillary Clinton's machine (her operatives) has been formally accused of spying on Trump, not only against his campaign, but against him while he was a sitting president. That last is a big deal. The biggest. And it's going to get worse and worse and worse despite a media blackout right now on the predator class side. Since revelations are going to be coming out with regularity, I'm starting this new thread. I thought of including it in the Deep State Unraveling thread, but these Durham investigation filings and results are going to be full of details about the Clinton machine and the Deep State from that particular perspective. So, for the sake of easy consultation, it's worth it to put up with a new thread. 1. To kick things off, here is the filing from Durham that is causing Hillary Clinton such grief. The damaging part is under Number 5 in the filing (my bold): An article from The Federalist gives a good overview of the current situation. Special Counsel: Democrats Framed And Spied On Trump While He Was President Special Counsel: Democrats Spied On Trump While He Was President THEFEDERALIST.COM The details Special Counsel John Durham sprinkled throughout his filings suggest even more bombshells are to come. From the article: There's a lot more, including confirmations by John Ratcliffe, Richard Grenell, Mark Meadows, Kash Patel and Devin Nunes. Everybody knew about this, but nobody could do anything about it since the Justice Department was working to cover the misbehavior and crimes of Hillary Clinton and her cohorts. Now this sucker is on record in a way the Deep State can't get at it. Much, much, much, much, much more to come. 2. Here on OL, we already started discussing this on another thread. Copies of the three posts are given below to make this thread is complete. 3. I could not, in good conscience, leave out President Trump's response. He has added more comments since February 12, but nothing as strong as this. So I'll stop there. Hang on, everyone. This one is going to be fun. I'm already in communion with my inner schadenfreude. Michael
  3. Wisdom of the Electoral College When people wonder why the Electoral College exists, there is no better demonstration than the image below. In the top image, you have the areas of the country that voted for Donald Trump in the majority. In the bottom image, Hillary Clinton. Green is the low end starting at 51% and white is 100%. Most of the brown ranges from about 70% to 85%. The site says: "Maps were created using IDW (Inverse distance weighted) technique in ArcGIS." You can see the original here: TrumpLand and Clinton Archipelago Numberwise, the Democrats keep saying over and over that Clinton won the popular vote by about two-and-a-half million votes. Rush Limbaugh said if you remove New York and California, Trump wins the popular vote by about three million votes. See here: They're Still Gobsmacked! Washington Never Imagined Trump Could Really Win. But it's even worse. Look what a caller (Steve in Baldwinsville, New York) said to to Rush (from the transcript): Here's the link to David Leip's site if anyone wants to check the numbers (I didn't): Atlas of U.S. Presidential Elections. Basically, if we had not had the Electoral College, Trump and Clinton would have spent most of their time campaigning in New York, especially New York City, and California, especially LA County, and a place or two like Chicago. (In fact, that's basically what she did this election while Trump busted his ass running all over.) Those few areas would have dictated who the rest of the country had to accept as president. But look how the rest of the country voted in the TrumpLand and Clinton Archipelago maps above. Now let's ask the obvious question. Where do most of the poor immigrants migrate and where do most of the government handouts go? Directly into these small high-population-density areas, that's where. In other words, if we had used the popular vote system, the US President would have been elected by the people who do not sustain the US. So what to think about those who advocate throwing out the Electoral College? Talk about the looters and moochers wanting to rule over the producers! This could almost be out of Atlas Shrugged. I'm not sure the Founding Fathers anticipated such a dramatic demonstration of their wisdom, but ever there was one, this election definitely was it. Michael
  4. Bill in Blue Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer'sss Billllllllllllieeeeeeeeeee! This is a real painting in the real Jeffrey Epstein's mansion. Rush Limbaugh explains the details. Epstein’s Tribute to Bill For humor, since this is a humor thread, I think this painting needs a caption. So please show us your stuff. What caption would you give this painting? Also, as added fun, there is the equivalent of a meme factory running wild out thar' in the Interwilds. Maybe you can find one, too. For example: Bring it on... Michael
  5. Anybody Enjoying the Hillary Clinton Show? I am. I'll talk about this stuff later in the thread, links and so on. Right now I just want to savor the schadenfreude. Michael
  6. Clinton Confederacy Crackup I don't know if law enforcement will get the Clintons, but it looks like their Confederacy is going down the tubes. This thread is for documenting relevant events as they happen. I'll get it going with a couple of items. From Breitbart: Associate in Hillary Clinton Uranium One Russian Bribery Case Indicted From the article: And a tweet from Dear Bill: Other people get insulted when a dude lies to their face with a chip on his shoulder. One more crack in the Clinton Confederacy... Michael
  7. Caption Hillary Clinton for International Women's Day 2017 Anybody got any good captions for the following photo of Hillary Clinton? Michael
  8. Objective eyes on November: Roundtable - May 11, 2016 Roger Bissell, Robert Campbell, and William Scott Scherk look through Objective(ish) eyes at the US presidential election. Get to know the spirit, humour and wit of the three amigos in the first of a series. Presented as an audio-only podcast at Conversations with the Greats | Show notes at November Eyes Notes