Is-Ought For Hard Choices

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Is-Ought For Hard Choices

I found this talk by Ruth Chang to be brilliant, even though it flies in the face of Rand's notion about the commensurability of values (with which I mostly agree).

I have a feeling Rand's view and Chang's view are a lot more connected under the surface than appears at first blush.

Frankly, I'm going to have to think about it some and watch this a few more times...



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In 2008 Boris Spassky (world chess champion 1969 - 1972) had an interview and press conference with Susan Polgar where journalists asked him questions. One question was a young aspiring chess player wants to know whether he should devote his life to chess. How can he know whether he has the talent to succeed? Maybe it would be a wasted life and he should do something else.

Spassky pointed up and said something about 'Commandant'.


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 Yaron Brook answers a question from Ben and speaks about Ayn Rand having solved  the is-ought chasm or gap.


"Sam Harris's foundation of objective morality is based on well-being do you find any relationship between your view and Sam's?"

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