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  1. Hello Mike, Pete, Bill Nice to be able to chat today. Hope all are well and prospering. Please forgive that I disagree with Mike where he typed about the murderer's manifesto that // I also glanced through his manifesto. Sick. Narcissistic and cheerful. // I too skimmed a portion of it and thought it a grim warning and call to war based on internet conspiracy myths and Kant style group-think subjectivism rather than self-aggrandizement. But then again war is always sickening. The guy's live stream of him shooting up the mosque showed him handling his weapons very proficiently; his guns, however, were covered with arcane markings that I speculate had occult significance in his distorted worldview. As for the charge of his cowardice, lets call a spade what it is. Muslims don't integrate or assimilate into the society of a country to which they immigrate. Instead they wage cultural jihad for as long as it takes to dominate in a multi-generational effort of conquest as is happening in Europe. And don't ignore that Islam is as tribal and wack or more so than Caucasian tribalism. The hope here is that Islamic State or Al Qaeda jihadist operatives remain in their mole-holes instead of retaliating against innocents. Meanwhile New Zealand allows the Mohammedans to invade their country and thereby kowtows to the Globalists oligarchs acting in true cowardly fashion, for it is the purpose of the State to protect the rights of the citizens from force, fraud, invasion and so forth. Anyways. Cheers and Best Wishes for Continued Success
  2. Good points Grant.Thanks. Without rule of law, one guys freedom fighter is the next guys terrorist. //There wasn't, btw, any state left to speak of.// In the fictional dystopian world of AS, there were States mentioned. In Part 3 C.10 there's the scene where Midas Mulligan is planning his investments in New York and Pennsylvania, so even at the end the story presupposed Federalism. The States still existed so did the Country and the question of morality is irrelevant. Dagny murdered the guard. Ragnar committed piracy and is depicted as a terrorist. It's a matter of fact within the story. Morality is thrown under the bus in the story. Rand borrowed from Howard and put a bit of Conan into Dagny and the Strikers. Ferris, Mooch and Taggert were acting outside the Law. But killing the guard was also outside the law as well as immoral. There was no self-defense involved. That Dagny had a thing for Galt's penis does not morality make. Rand contradicted her principles and acted inconsistent. Denying that is to deny a fact. The moral thing for Rand to have her characters do was to file Habeas Corpus for Galt and plead for an injunction to cease and desist. The guards would have had to have honored the Court order, or else the US Marshals would have stomped on them using the proper power of the State. //Semantics--respecting what is and isn't "murder"--is a poor foundation for an argument.// Actually it is a good argument. //So, what they were doing to Galt was legal and therefore proper and what Dagny et. al did to them was illegal and improper?// Nothing I wrote indicated that. In the story, Ferris, Mooch, and Taggert were acting illegally. So were Dagny and Ragnar and the Strikers. Gosh I love chatting with you because you make me think. Me Thinks.
  3. Well, in service of conversation I had to do my best to defend the protection of law and basal order of political bodies to facilitate interactions of juxapositioned Homo Sapiens some of whom may be Human or qualify as Man. Of course you're correct. The moral basis of politics once eliminated, renders protections of law of no effect or so I would think the dystopian fictional world of AS's United States would operate. However, in a fan fiction squeal I think using the idea of separate legal jurisdictions qua Federalism would lend literary gravitas to such a plot device as having the State police force be employed in hunting down Ragnar, Dagny, Galt, and their fellow conspirators. Perhaps the murdered guard's brother is a State Police station command staff officer, a Lieutenant, who wielding the respect of his officers can enlist them in an effort to bring the Strikers to Justice, for so doing will reward them with confiscated booty. Gotta love the Rico Act. See it might go sort of like if a family member of one of ship owners victimized by Ragnar's piracy or a relative of someone murdered by a roving gang of Maoists who blames Galt and was a Federal official who then deputizes the State Police lieutenant into US service. Their trajectory would take them to capturing the Strikers and putting them on trial; the plot would advance due to the police characters interacting with the seized journals of Hugh Akston; tension between a patrol officer who reads and discusses with his suck-up Corporal who is tight with the Lieutenant and the Federal official. The resultant courtroom drama would be in the Randian tradition with a defense attorney urging them to throw themselves on the mercy of the court. Meanwhile the Strikers would steadfastly maintain they have an inalienable right to defend Galt by rescuing him from the clutches of the evil Dr Ferris and his renegade gang of thugs who were acting outside the authority of the United States. They'd be saved by the patrol officer finding a legal defense that would sway the jury while exposing his bosses as exploiting their power under color of law. Defining the character of the State Police Lieutenant and the antagonist Patrol Officer and the process of how their psychological states develop and how the reader is informed of them without recourse to an omniscient narrator as Rand blundered in AS would be a task for a master story teller. (Oh look, there's a sign post up ahead: 'Next Stop: Character development').
  4. Oh Criminy! I must vote for this passage as best laugh of the week.
  5. Well back to why Peikoff had a heart attack upon learning that Branden and Rand had been banging each other. So if Peikoff thought of Rand as his mother, did he think of Frank as his father? And that Frank was a slacker must have bugged him? If so, then how could he not expect that Rand would have been playing the field to find what she couldn't get at home? And how did Branden hook up with Rand in the first place; he was just a kid during the War and wasn't old enough to buy beer when Rand was writing AS. Did she hustle him from some venue for young people? Was she out hunting for some young stuff? Or did they meet at the collage where Branden was a student?
  6. This is what I love about this message forum. You guys are way smarter than for which you give yourselves credit. Be that as it may, I'll take the bait. Dagny's action was a criminal act of murder because there was no act of succession or declaration of independence to form a new political body by the minions of Midas Mulligan's valley despite that they'd bugged out. Merely bugging out to the valley did not form a new country. Countries can only be formed by express declaration . They were still citizens of the dystopian disfunctional United States depicted in AS and hence still subject to its legal jurisdiction. There was no war. Just because a cop is an ass hole doesn't justify killing him even if he's doing something really bad. If you kill a cop, you go to death row. As you pointed out, the guard was just being stupid, and as satisfying as it sometimes seems to want to strangle the life of some stupid shit, doing so will earn one a long stretch or a place on death row. Of course Ayn Rand recognized that the moral ethical paradigmn of government is it's most important aspect. When a government losses the support of the people while robbing and enslaving them it losses raison d'etre; nevertheless, the guard's life was still protected by law, if not US law, then by State law, and if not State law, then the ancient English common law. Dagny should hang. Galt refused the job offer. He could have taken Wesley Mooches job as economic dictator to impose laissez faire capitalism by eliminating harmful regulations and taxes, but Rand had him hold out for anarcho-capitalism. Let us conceptualize how fan fiction squeals might go. The strikers in the valley would probably hire Ragnar Danneskjold to provide security. This mother fucker has pissed off a lot of people. In the wake of the collapse of the United States in an anarcho-capitalism social system, others would form security services using weapons obtained from the former US military. Some of those would want to see Dagny, Galt, and Ragnar swing from a gallows. They'd be keen to form alliances with those who hold Galt responsible for not saving the United States by taking the economic dictator job. They'd be able to use the sort of rhetoric the Bernie Bros use to gin up support for an attack on the folk in the Valley. The screen would no longer be in use to hide the strikers because they would be engaged in trade and barter. The people outside the valley would not have gold and their paper money would be worthless and useless without the FED or USG, so to get resources the strikers would have to barter. Their position would then be known, so the pissed off persons who saw then as enemies would have ample opportunity to put ordinance on target. The families of the guards would want revenge on Dagny. The owners of the shipping sunk by Ragnar would want to see him rot. The socialists of the many People's polities would want to pillage the Valley. Internecine tribal war would almost surely break out. Eventually the strikers would be defeated. Enter a Conan character to do a bit of the ole Gehghis Khan.
  7. Hi Tony. Well it's June 16th and a week later. Thanks for your remark. It's a good one too, and reading it makes me feel guilty because the USA is much closer to a total police state than the ideal noted by Jefferson in his inaugural speech: Like John Galt who willing to kill himself to save Dagny from torture, perhaps a committed Objectivist philosopher should think about pedagogy, but of course they do, so by extension those who willing to support in some manner their activities are less culpable. Maybe that my enjoyment of chatting here on OL isn't an application the second handiness fallacy would lend to me a freedom to hang out more often, but then again if indeed the USG goes full on Stalinist, I'll be one of the disappeared or so I would hope he quipped as he whistled past the metaphorical graveyard of bad ideas.
  8. Piss me off some Randroids maybe did I. Bought I did.
  9. Cool. $$$$ We earned it. So when Dagny murdered the guard at Project F while breaking in to spring John Galt, she was justified because there ain't no such thingy as "society" and those who initiate violence deserve to get some back. Oh justice me psychopath down. Yeah Rationality.
  10. Hiya Mike. Well, since Branden did it, I was thinking maybe Peikoff was doing the competitive anything-you-can-do-I-can-do-better thingy.
  11. Thanks for an insightful analysis. I just finished reading Atlas Shrugged. Now I hope Branden didn't think or feel he had something in common with the archetype illustrated by James Taggert. Fictional character, yeah, and no goons of thugs working for totalitarian police states were injured in the writing of AS; still though, I loved the scene where Taggert breaks down after Galt tells the boys how to fix the electro shock torture machine. Besides, he wasn't really interested in banging an older broad, (Holy Fuck. The sagging wrinkles. Yuck.) but doing so in service of The $ is earning it baby. Screw Valiant and the Randroids. I gotta go build stuff for which big money wants to pay. Hey maybe I got something in common with Rearden after all.
  12. Hiya Pete. Been away for a week, but got some work done; still though GHS writes good stuff. His atheism book helped my shake that God superstition. Witchdoctoring aside, I and the other riders on this mornings Green train lucked out. A crazy was triggered and pulled a honking big ass large caliber revolver. The gun was in a gunny sack and the dude held it over the top strap while pointing it a the guy who dared to speak and saying loudly 'It's your lucky day that I'm not as mad at you as God. But I'm going to give it to ya. You're gonna get it. God is mad at you.' and so on for about a minute. Dude wasn't too crazy though cause he backed out at the next stop before the DART cops troubled themselves to break away from their donuts and show up. Could have been worse. Yee-haw. Now if only I had the guts to make the big bet when Bitcoin crashes next.
  13. Double standards drive people batty. I wish it could be blamed on water fluoridation so I could post a clip from Dr Stangelove where General Ripper is telling Lt. Mandrake about it's evils because Kubrick's mocking was an early manifestation of cognitive dissonance by Dunning-Kruger. Personally, I'd like the USG to make it policy to lean on Mexico and the Central American govs to permit Laissez Faire and to disallow illegals to get any kind of welfare or subsidy. But the powers that be don't care about what anyone thinks unless it gets them more power. Sadly the contrary path leads to empowering religious conservatives who also trust in altruism.
  14. Good points Wolf. A lifetime of crap thinking from a bunch of stuff from crap culture has left a me with a crap philosophical outlook. Having been raised as a child in a religious culture and having lived a life surrounded by those who accepted believed and practiced bogus associated ideas has inculcated a bunch of crap into my thinking. Nice work. Charity looks like a fun read. Thanks for the clue, and you can use my family name as a character, why not. There has to be a guy named Chris Cable somewhere. Almost everyone loves the sound of alliteration.