"South Africa's Donald Trump": Sol Kerzner

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[...] It turns out that, in the intervening years the two major real estate developers, Donald Trump and Sol Kerzner, have been working together quite a bit in the Bahamas and Dubai. No doubt, Donald has been hearing the reality about South Africa from his friend Sol. As regards to what the degree they “hang out together”, the following images may perhaps clarify the situation.

In the image immediately below we have, from left to right, Melania Trump, Donald Trump, Heather Kerzner and Sol Kerzner together.

Partners_1In yet another photo below, we have Donald Trump and Heather Kerzner together at another event.

Partners 2Against this backdrop, black actor Samuel L. Jackson is extremely welcome to move to South Africa if Trump becomes president of the USA, which is exactly what he has “threatened”. Perhaps he could play Jacob Zuma in his next movie.

I would suggest the world would be a better place if Kerzner and Trump maintain their relationship. I well remember the young Comorean who hired out for a day to drive us around his island in his Mini Moke. His hero was Sol Kerzner and he waxed lyrically about Kerzner as being an example of what people can do if they set their minds to it.

Perhaps Americans can take an electioneering lesson from the young Comorean. He correctly identified opportunity and hard work, rather than handouts, as a key issue in life. That sounds remarkably like Trump.

Harry Booyens

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It's funny I never checked this out earlier, but I could have bet my bottom dollar that the S. African who rose to be the famed resort and casino developer here ("Sun City") and went on to create "Atlantis" (The Bahamas) amongst others, would have met somehow and gotten friendly. Pleased to see I was right. My feeling is the two are very much chips off the same block.

(The above was turned up at my first search, excerpted from a 2016 blog by a Harry Booyens).

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