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On 4/29/2016 at 1:14 PM, KorbenDallas said:

What if the son(s) hated the fact that their father hated women and didn't want to be like that?  What if the son(s) are misogynists on their own (regardless of Trump)?  Saying we might see some effects of gender bias from Trump in Ivanka is plausible, but what was quoted here is much too deterministic.

edit: Needing to come back.  Not saying this in an attacking tone, had in mind a dialectical tone when writing it.  Also, the first question was a pure hypothetical for discussion, my personal belief is Trump doesn't hate women, but I'm not fond of his attacks on them (O'Donnell, Kelly, Heidi Cruz)..


I'm not sure what either of your What Ifs really have to do with the question of how Trump himself feels about women.  The question your What Ifs raise, in my mind, is this: If any of Trump's children felt strongly that he was a woman-hater and experienced some deep hatred of that aspect of his personality, why would they work for him, especially Ivanka?

I'm not fond of his attacks on women, either, but as Ivanka has pointed out herself, he has had a lot of hateful things to say about men, too.

(It occurs to me this is the wrong thread to be continuing this discussion.  I don't remember now how it came up here.  I'll cease and desist.  :))

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2 hours ago, Michael Stuart Kelly said:

I'm not sad or disgusted with this exchange.

It shows very clearly what I have been saying for some time--Trump supporters are no longer listening to gotcha arguments that fly in the face of their common sense. It doesn't matter what the gotcha person says, they are not listening anymore.

This is not a debate with them, it's a rejection.

Besides, what on earth was Cruz thinking by stopping his motorcade to walk into this? (Affecting a Trump tone): I mean, how dumb is he?


Here is another take on what happened. The Morning Joe people can't stop laughing. (btw - The exchange is abbreviated and the sound during it is a lot better than the longer video above.)

That thing about Cruz's Shakespearian pauses undoing him is a hoot. 


A couple of priceless moments:

CRUZ: America is a better country... (Shakespearian pause)


. . .

CRUZ: And an question that everyone here should ask... (Shakespearian pause)

TRUMP SUPPORTER: Are you Canadian?


Sorry for you guys who are sad, but this is some seriously funny stuff.



Yeah, that part where the guy with the sign talks about Cruz's wife working for Goldman Sachs was comic genius.   :)

I'm sure Trump would be proud, because, as we all know, Trump has never had a loan in his life, so he surely could not be accused of being in the hip pocket of any bank.   Oh wait, we don't know that, since Trump hasn't released his tax returns just yet.    :)

Like I said above, just some good old-fashioned rote mouthing of Trump's insults.   Nothing more and nothing less. :)

The only thing missing was a reference to the dad's Lee Harvey Oswald connection.    More comic gold, I tell ya.   Now that would have been downright hilarious.  :)

I hope someday a Trump supporter can offers the rules of the road for legitimate questions about Trump, since, you know, he is hoping to be our President and all: i.e., those questions/statements/concerns that are not merely "gotcha" questions.  :)


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18 minutes ago, PDS said:

I'm sure Trump would be proud, because, as we all know, Trump has never had a loan in his life,

I didn't know that. Indeed, I know it's false.



Trump Entertainment Resorts: This company, now owned by billionaire Carl Icahn, owns two Trump branded casino resorts, only one of which continues to operate today. After a long period of financial trouble, the company entered bankruptcy protection in 2001, 2004, 2009, and later in 2014 owing $1.2 billion in debts. In 2004, Trump agreed to invest $55 million cash in the new company and pay $16.4 million to the company's debtors. In return he held a 29.16% stake in the new public company. This stake was worth approximately $171 million in October 2006. After the 2004 bankruptcy filing, the company changed its name from Trump Hotels & Casino Resorts to Trump Entertainment Resorts (link).

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2 minutes ago, Michael Stuart Kelly said:


PDS (David) was being sarcastic.

He doesn't like Trump.

I don't mind, especially since Trump is winning.




That is all what matters in a constitutional republic. 


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2 hours ago, dldelancey said:

If any of Trump's children felt strongly that he was a woman-hater and experienced some deep hatred of that aspect of his personality, why would they work for him, especially Ivanka?

Why did Hillary stay with Bill, given his outstanding proclivity for infidelity and predation on Hillary's fellow women (if that phrase is not an oxymoron)?

Hmmm, money and power, ya s'pose? If I stick with this jerk-wad long enough, maybe someday it will be my turn to be rich and powerful?


P.S. - I know that's very cynical, but this is politics and huge wealth we're talking about, whether billions or "mere" hundreds of millions. Trump's kids don't appear particularly reptilian, in contrast to Hillary's raptor-like demeanor, but maybe with time and experience...

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He needed more nails...

Cruz Fiorina 2016

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Hi Adam [from Lake Long Ago]!

A Ted Cruz in Canada would be probably Albertan, and woulda coulda been provincial party leader, premier or cabinet member  before jumping to the national stage by running for a seat in Parliament. Having been such a wonkish figure in some ways, with a pretty clear agenda of libertaria, he might not have made it to federal cabinet, but I think he would have tried. Reform Party-esque policy wonks with even superficial charm or smarm like Ted would have cleaned up votes if a rural Alberta heartland (viz Calgary at time of birth) was his constituency. We'd call him MP for High River.

Still, competing per province each for 33 out of a fifty pairs of seats every two years would sicken Canadians who like like simple ballots every five years thanks, but be great for reform of our Senate -- which is a thoroughly ridiculous and bizarre colonial relic (Quebec put their provincial Red Chamber into a vacuum and it is now but an extra-large room, all personnel and power having been extirpated).  We'd call him the principled Independent Reform Senator from Alberta and he'd have roughly twenty years left in his term.

So, there's Ted Cruz, unashamed hardcore Reform-wing of the currently out of office CPC, perhaps having been appointed {akin to a judgeship} in the second, toothless chamber, having decided to outwit and outlast the baby-faced former speaker of the House now party leader whom I call Mr Smirky. Would he actually be a Senator here in this scenario? Hmmm. If ... nope ... but either way,  Cruz would be one of those folks with a thick reform file under his arm who has not yet performed cabinet-level tasks, with a long-term berth in a teeny caucus  of 'elected' Senate seats -- or in a safe Alberta Commons seat.

But there is a danger on the horizon. Alberta is mighty blue historically, federally and provincially (blue is red in the Canucki spectrum). Mighty Albertan blueness did not however prevent an aging and lost administration from being dismissed after 30 years of one party winning every election.  Red wave? Nope. 

In Alberta there is an orange (don't ask) and a red (Liberal) remnant. The Orangeists took the province for probably one election cycle. Voters can be fickle.

In Texas, Texas being Ted Cruz's advantage in retaining his US Senate seat, I just don't see him being knocked out. 

Some calculation is probably unnecessary, because the polls, despite being always wrong, have not showed his Democratic opponent coming level with him, let alone besting him, to my knowledge.

Anyhow, six more years of Ted Cruz in the Senate. A leader without his own caucus.  The also-ran.  The whorishness of his final come-home-to-the-GOP-choice 'endorsement' of then-Candidate Trump.

I would wager a few people on the porch here, silent spitters or vocal entertainers, view Cruz with a mild squeamishness at best.  A good solid vote for the GOP plan, along with yards of smarm.  Authentic Canadian ham pizza.

Which makes me think there might be a whisker of a chance Beto O'Rourke could best him.

From an article appearing at Real Clear Politics written by their DC correspondent, the perfectly named Sally Persons, cited by young Tarl Warwick of Cthulhu Beach in his hip-but-shirtless 30-year-old shut-in hill-people uncle-grandpa's semi-tirade 'Midterm Banter: Trump Approval 43.6/ Generic Ballot 6.8 Dem/ Senate Analysis.' 


[...] The decision to finally back Trump, and to work with him as president, was seen as a political necessity, but some Republicans say it added to Cruz’s authenticity problem. A second Republican strategist in the state said authenticity remains Cruz’s biggest negative and is a reason why his numbers have taken a dip. “After the presidential race he’s a complete known entity -- and people, by and large, have made a judgment about him,” said the strategist, adding that a second-place finish in the GOP presidential race did the senator “zero favors.”

Cruz’s former political director, Jon McClellan, disagreed. “I think right after the presidential race there was a much-needed cooling down period for everyone,” he said. McClellan said Cruz did the right thing to try and unite the party and has helped the president accomplish major policy achievements, such as tax reform and advancing conservative Supreme Court nominees, which matter greatly to Texas voters. When asked about the closeness of the race with O’Rourke, McClellan said Cruz tends to underperform in polls ahead of Election Day, but wins in the end.


Most strategists agree, however, that this is a real race with a real opponent and that the senator will need to campaign effectively to win. They disagreed, however, about how Trump will play in this race. Some said a presidential campaign trip would galvanize Republican base voters. Others, pointing to the president’s legal troubles, aren’t so sure. “With an endless stream of bad headlines surrounding Trump's legal woes on the horizon, Cruz and other Republicans have to bet that voters will pay attention to the strong job numbers and economy, as much as the soap opera happening in Washington,” one strategist said. 

The official party line is that Cruz’s history of working with the White House will be an asset. “The success President Trump, and the Republican-led Congress, has brought to the economy is incredible,” said Sam Pohl, communications director for the Texas Republican Party. “There are more jobs and higher confidence in the economy.” He also noted that Cruz has said he’d welcome the president to the state for a campaign visit. 

For their part, Democrats are buoyed by the support they are getting from undecided voters, and say the O’Rourke-Cruz race is the matchup they’ve been waiting for. “It’s the entire Republican brand that’s the problem, including Ted Cruz,” said Manny Garcia, deputy executive director for the Texas Democratic Party. He added that the party has been working on building up its influence in the state for the past few election cycles and that officials  believe O’Rourke is the candidate that can take them over the hump.

Garcia also pointed out that Texas became a single-digit state for Republicans in 2016 when Trump won there by only nine points. When asked if a visit from the president to buck up the GOP base would simultaneously mobilize Democratic voters, Garcia replied, “I’ll roll out the blue carpet for him if he wants.”


Edited by william.scherk
Added caveat at top; "I refuse to answer the question on the grounds it might tend to incriminate me." Made it clear "uncle-grandpa" was the preterite
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Did I say "competitive"? I did not. But Cruz's supporting machinery is calling for more oil ...

The story is from Alex Isenstadt of Politico: ‘The race has tightened’: Cruz allies sound alarm about Texas Senate race


[...] The extent of the rescue effort remains an open question. While a pro-Cruz super PAC, Texans Are, has been established, other conservative outside groups have remained focused on other Senate contests. But with the Club’s foray into the Texas race, more national Republican groups may assess whether to assist Cruz.

The White House, meanwhile, has been monitoring the contest. Two senior Republicans said they expected President Donald Trump, who fought bitterly with Cruz during in the 2016 presidential race, to hit the trail for the Texas Republican ahead of the November election.


To some Cruz backers, the help cannot come soon enough, and many of them are eager to see Cruz’s donor network, which he forged during his 2016 presidential bid, activated for his reelection.

“I don’t think you can count anybody out at any point. This world is changing so rapidly. It’s pretty unbelievable,” said Lee Roy Mitchell, a Dallas-based Cruz donor and founder of the Cinemark movie theater chain.

“We’re solidly behind the senator, and I would like to think most Texans are. I believe they are,” said Mitchell, who with his wife Tandy has donated a combined $1 million to the pro-Cruz super PAC. “But there’s a tremendous amount of money being poured in here to change people’s opinions.”


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Meanwhile our omniscient Trudeau is tableing yet another stealth tax “clean fuel standard”.  Which will add yet another 5cents/L (20 cents/US gallon for our merican friends) or more.  So first they added the carbon tax that hits consumers and now this which will hit oil/fuel producers right in the balls.

Trump please send Trudeau to Gitmo for econoterrorism against Canadians ?

Fuck my life I hope he smokes a fentanyl laced joint.

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Ya gotta luv Beautiful Ted:

Cruz jokes about locking up Beto O'Rourke in 'double-occupancy cell' with Clinton

I stick with my prediction that Senator Cruz will get re-elected to the place where no one really likes him. The only other item of information is from various outlets, most Communist Deep State ratfuckers like the Tribune; in a nutshell, big numbers showing up for the various 2018 vote-races:

Texas sees huge turnout on first day of early voting


Credit: Michael Stravato for The Texas Tribune

I count at least six hundred red hats in the pic from one of Houston's voting centres.

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