Objectivism and winning the state, or national, lottery

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The next Powerball drawing is just 9 hours away just before 2 pm on Monday, December 6, 2021. Suggestions. First off, the tickets are two bucks each so gamble wisely. Next, don’t have a conniption fit if you win. Put the winnings in a bank to draw some measly interest for a while. Then hire a financial planner.

Powerball. Next Drawing – Mon, Dec 6. Estimated Jackpot $280 Million Cash Value: $205 Million.

Generally, with the cash value after taxes, you only get to take 55 percent of that as your winnings. So, $205,000,000 times 55 percent equals $112,750,000. Who wants to be a millionaire?

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The next Powerball drawing is on Saturday, Dec. 11. The cash value is $224,700,000. After state and federal taxes are paid you will take home fifty - five percent of that. $224,700,000 times .55 equals $123,585,000.

If it’s truly needed right away, pay off debts. And as always, the best minds recommend amateur investors put that money into one or more bank accounts that pay “some interest.” You might be getting a low interest rate at those several banks (for safety), but stop and smell the roses, and think of the “Benjamins” because paper bills doesn’t smell that good. Hire a financial planner. Bill Gates has invested in AutoNation (AN), Deere and Company, Caterpillar, Waste Management, Eco Labs, UPS, and FedX, etc. 

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