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Peter, I have been thinking about The Face. It has changed since her cancer diagnosis and her hair-regrowth. Here are a couple of short videos of The Face back when. The first is a 'hot mic' situation in which she laughs about Barbara Boxer's hair ... the second shows her with a crew-cut.

I think that Carly has used the Botox. Her forehead hasn't moved in eleven years, at least not enough to furrow her brow. That adds just a tiny bit of oddity to her face. Too bad that women are pushed in the direction of fucking with their faces. Wattles, jowls, great sagging pink heart-attack cheeks, jug-ears ... none of this matters on a man's visage.

Laugh at hair:

Show off pixie-crewcut:
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I think Carly is attractive, and I don't care about any quirkiness of her mannerisms, as long as they're hers, and not the result of following the stupid advice of her handlers or critics in the media. I loved her as a candidate until she went softer and sweeter so as to relate better to whichever demographic her handlers and the media thought she'd do better with by artificially smiling more and being softer and sweeter.


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Carly Fiorina has suspended her campaign.

Good solid smart lady.




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