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Thanks for the links.

I'm going to bop around on Good Gopher for a few days before submitting OL (if I do).

This could be something really different and good, or it could be a way to advertise oneself to the crazies out there.

btw - Good Gopher bashes Google for corporate filtering, but it has some serious advertising going down when you search.

I tried "Ayn Rand" and got front page results from Counterpunch and Jewwatch. The ads are for a trick that restores 20/20 vision, best hemorrhoid treatment, and an online health care system among other things.

When I see the word "truth" presented as a banner of honor and I see things like my results above, I start experiencing cognitive dissonance.


Still, this search engine might be useful over time within its limitations.


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The issue with filtering something like government disinfo is that one man's truth is another man's disinfo. I doubt there is a commonly held definition of disinfo between the developers and the users, hence Michael's findings.

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