A Note about Offers from OL Members

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A Note about Offers from OL Members

I set this section up so OL Members can offer their goods and services.

But please be reasonable. No spam. No porn. Nothing like that.

OL may gain a referral fee or may not. This is not a condition for those who post offers here.

OL reserves the right to hide or delete any offer for any reason whatsoever.

But we're nice people who like nice people, so enjoy.



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Interesting idea, really, an Objectivist-oriented marketplace? Most forums have some kind of marketplace, though, I never imagined one would be set-up here. I could offer a code debugging/consulting service, though. I can't see that going over well here. I'm curious Michael, what made you decide to add this forum? I saw that other thread by kb123 (that username seems familiar), but it seems odd that you would add a forum because of one person. Was it heavily requested or do you have other plans in the works?


Perhaps Michael will allow an exception.

Send pics now.

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I'm curious Michael, what made you decide to add this forum?


It's just an idea for now. I have a much bigger commercial thing coming that will happen with a partner, but we are still in the pre-production phase. That project is not related to this.

With OL, frankly this forum is not a good market for direct sales of anything. People who come here don't come with the intent to shop or buy. They come to read, interact and banter with intelligent people who have an interest in Rand-related stuff. For OL to become an audience of buyers, I would have to attract another kind of person. But I'm happy with what we have.

Once in a while an OL member wants to plug a book, a venture or whatever. I think the real value of this is to get reviews, contacts for projects, exposure to folks within the O-Land world, and things like that--because if anyone wants to eat off of sales to OL members, he or she better like being skinny. :)

The case of kb123, although I moved his thread here, is not typical of what I hope for this section since he just showed up and immediately made a pitch. However, seeing as how he ended up being one of the good guys, I imagine other possible offers from him will be a lot more within the spirit of what we have going and they will be most welcome.

Also, as I discuss marketing from time to time, I might use this section to explore an idea or two in practice. At the worst, it would be good for illustration of what I am talking about.

But for now, OL members with a commercial O-Land itch can scratch it here.


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